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🚀 The year 2017 at a glance

The year 2017 was amazing and a busy year. It was like a rocket when the time goes that quickly. You saw a lot of exciting updates and new features. And we will not sit still for the year 2018. Here a short overview from Turn Off the Lights work in 2017.

Update and features in Year 2017


In January we updated the Turn Off the Lights for Desktop Mac app with for the support of the Touch Bar for the latest MacBook Pro hardware.
In February we launched the screen dimmer app for Windows 10. That is available in the Microsoft Store.


For the Google Chrome and Firefox web browser you have the option to install a Dark browser theme that is coherent with the dark layer.
Turn Off the Lights Browser extension have also some improvements, such as take a screenshot of your playing YouTube video. That capture the best moment you love in that YouTube video. And you can edit live the screenshot to your own personal style. There is an option to control the HTML5 video playback, this to speed up any video on the web.
In July we published our first Google Assistant app, that is always here if you have any questions about Turn Off the Lights Software. Or if you want to hear a tip of the day.
The Turn Off the Lights Firefox extension have also new and unique update that can really dark everything in your web browser, with one single click. That in your website content, tabs and menu bar. And in September is the Turn Off the Lights Safari extension available in the App Store.
In October we launched our new WebVR virtual reality technology experiment. And at least our team is selected as one of the European technology leader and innovator of the web. The Turn Off the Lights Browser extension won the Bronze Award and also the People Award at the The Lovie Awards 2017, that happened in London!

We want to thank the Turn Off the Lights communities and translators for their work, and we look forward to what we will accomplish together in 2018!
And for all our users, we wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

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New Brightness Control and Color Palette Notification Widget

Do you got tired or dazzled eyes when you work late at night on your computer. And you are struggling to find a way to get your screen more darker or find out you can not decrease the brightness of your screen. You can use the Turn Off the Lights for Desktop (available for macOS and Windows). With this desktop application you can dim everything on your desktop screen with a single click on the lamp button.

Color Palette Widget

Color palette from the macos notification sidebar

Now the experience gets even better, you as user can install the new Brightness Control, and Color Palette notification widget (only available in macOS). With a swipe from right to left, you open your macOS Notification Center, and on a click on one of the colors you change it live the dark transparent layer. From the widget can change this dark layer color, and his opacity value.

If you want to customize more elements than you can open the Turn Off the Lights Preference window by clicking on the white button “Preferences…”, that is visible below the color palette.

Brightness Control Widget

You can also keep it simple and to show only the opacity slider in your macOS Notification Center.

Brightness control from the macos notification sidebar

In this brightness control widget you can increase and decrease the opacity of your transparent dark layer. If you move the thumb to left of the slider, you decrease dark color that is added on top of your computer screen. When you move the thumb more the right side, you increase the value and makes the screen darker. To learn more about how to add this widget in your Notification Center sees this help center page from the Apple website.

Have you not tried out the Turn Off the Lights for Desktop app? Try it today the Turn Off the Lights for Desktop Mac App that is available in the Mac App store. And for Windows users in the Microsoft Store.

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Stefan Van Damme

WebVR virtual reality technology is the Next Chapter

In our previous post we talked about the 5 Pieces of Innovative Technology for Your Computer. And the virtual reality technology is one of them. Today we present you our new experiment, Aurora Player for VR. It is the next generation video player for your virtual headset, that show you a reality glow effect around the video content. You can try this WebVR app for free in your modern web browser.

This app is built up with the WebVR API and with the same technology as in the most popular Turn Off the Lights Browser extension. You can play the demo video that is default loaded, but you can also choose your own video from your hard disk or phone memory SD card. Set VR headset on, and you ready to experience this virtual reality. In this next-generation video player app, you can play it on your Google Cardboard, Daydream, Samsung Gear VR, Oculus Rift, HTC Vive, and Windows Mixed Reality headsets.

You can try yourself this free Aurora Player for VR on your modern web browser. This virtual reality technology is only supported on Google Chrome, Firefox, Opera and Microsoft Edge. And if you liked the new experience you as user can get it also on your personal computer. The app is available for Mac and Windows users.

Customizable Virtual Reality Technology

In this virtual world you can play your own favorite videos and movies. And you can also customize the background to your own style. Such as the color black, gray, white, purple, red, yellow, blue and green.

Change webvr background color in Aurora Player app

We hope you like this new WebVR project, and experience yourself a beautiful way to enjoy your own videos in the VR headset. And you can always feedback us on the official support page of Aurora Player.

About The Author

Stefan Van Damme