Get your screen dimmer for Windows 10 now in the Windows Store

How to get the best screen dimmer for Windows 10. Well the best screen dimmer concept is already available as a Browser extension. And on the Mac, with the launch of the ‘Turn Off the Lights for Desktop’ for Mac computers.
Today we have great news for Windows 10 users! It is now possible to automatically protect your eyes late at night with the ‘Turn Off the Lights for Desktop’ Windows 10 App. When you installed the new app on your computer, you will see that it adds a white lamp button left on your the clock. And just like in the browser extension, you can activate the black transparent layer with one single click or finger tap.

Screen dimmer for Windows 10

Screen dimmer for Windows 10 Desktop App

It’s the only and most advanced eye protection app in the Windows Store. That all with the white lamp button in your taskbar. You can download the screen dimmer for Windows 10 Desktop app now on the Windows Store. The minimum requirement to install this new Windows Store app is Windows 10 anniversary 1607.

Turn Off the Lights for Desktop Windows 10 Desktop App

What can I adapt in this app?

It’s more then just a regular white lamp button. Here a brief overview what you can adapt in the settings window:

  • Change the opacity value;
  • Show the solid color as background (or your own chosen yellow light filter);
  • Or choose your own Image background;
  • Or use a video background as dark layer when you click on the white lamp button;
  • Customize the keyboard shortcuts, for lights on/off and increase/decrease the opacity value;
  • Start automatically up the app when you startup your computer;
  • Option to shows a spotlight around your mouse cursor;
  • Option to show the fade effects when activate the dark layer;
  • Advanced Eye Protection schedule, this to schedule when you want the lights off at night example at 11pm on friday and in the weekend on 9pm;
  • Highlight the current opened program on top of the dark layer, such as the video player app.

The ‘Turn Off the Lights for Desktop’ Windows app is a free update for the existing users, and they will get a coupon in his email box to download this new version for his Windows 10 computer.

Touch Bar support for the Turn Off the Lights for Desktop Mac app

Turn Off the Lights for Desktop is one of the most customizable and advanced Mac app ever. That you can use to dims your whole screen. And today we are excited to update this experience even further. As a result we added few easy control buttons in your Touch Bar (for Macbook Pro 13 inch and Macbook 15 inch late 2016 model), so you can easily dims your screen with one tap, change the opacity and even change the color of this dark layer.

Touch Bar

You get the best experience on your fingertips, move the slider to left or right to get a comfortable feeling for your eyes. Furthermore you can change the color of this dark layer live with a finger tap on your Touch Bar.
Touch bar Turn Off the Lights mac app

Notification Center Widget

You as user can swipe with your two fingers and tap to change quickly the opacity value. This  Notification Center widget is movable in your sidebar. Move to left, this to decrease to opacity value of the dark layer and vice versa.

Notification Center Widget Turn Off the Lights for Desktop Mac app

Translation Update

We updated also support for the following language Catalan, Chinese (Simplified), Polish, Slovenian, Swedish and Romanian.

It is a free update, for all the Mac users who installed the Turn Off the Lights for Desktop Mac app. The Mac app is available for macOS Sierra. If you have any questions or need help, you can ask it on our support page.

Turn Off the Lights for Desktop available today!

A year ago we started secretly on a new project that answer to the question of many of our users said to us, in the Chrome Web Store extension review page and in our contact form. And that is to dim your whole screen with a single click on the lamp button.

We happy to announce that Turn Off the Lights for Desktop is available today in the Mac App store. It’s a new and unique app in the store, that allow you to dim your whole desktop from the top all the way down to the bottom. With more than thousand of options inside to customize the app to your look that make you feel comfortable. Turn Off the Lights for Desktop is compatible with MacBook, MacBook Air, MacBook Pro, Mac Mini, iMac, and Mac Pro.Turn Off the Lights for Desktop El Capitan Yosemite

Turn Off the Lights for Desktop have more advanced features you have never seen before in an App. So we are going to highlight only three important features in this blog post.

Video Layer
You as user can change the color of the layer in the preference window to blue, green, red, orange, pink, yellow etc. And there is an option to show a video when you do the lights off. It’s sound crazy, but you can watch a full movie and type together your text document.

Also, we add the know Mouse Actions feature from the browser extension in this app, such as the spotlight around the cursor. And an option to cut the YouTube (and other video platforms) player out of the dark layer.

Focus the application you want
With this option enabled, for each window you click will be on the top of the black layer. Example, if you click on the QuickTime player, everything around will be black.Turn Off the Lights for Desktop Eye Protection schedule

Advanced Eye Protection Schedule
One of the feature that this application makes so unique is the advanced Eye Protection schedule. Here you can set witch day and time the lights must go on or off.

Turn Off the Lights browser extension is loved and used by millions of users worldwide already. Try Turn Off the Lights for Desktop today! If you have feedback for us, please don’t hesitate to contact us using Twitter, Facebook or on our support page.