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5 years experience in just 1 FREE browser extension.

Turn Off the Lights is since 22 december 2009 open-source and helps more then 3 millions users worldwide to improve your YouTube video-viewing and internet experience.

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Turn Off the Lights is a community driven open-source project that aims to help you improve your YouTube video-viewing and internet experience.

Is it legal safe to use this?

Turn Off the Lights is 100% legal and doesn't violates any online polices on YouTube or vimeo website. Turn Off the Lights doesn't include an adblocker (adblock for YouTube advertisement) and doesn't injects ads any a web page.

Turn Off the Lights is a free browser extension just like in the cinemas will dim the lights prior to the commencement of a movie in order to help eliminate distractions and provide maximum contrast. And worldwide used on school computers such as K12, high school and university college.

YouTube have also a settings page, where you change the quality of the video, the language and many more. And for all this features you need to sign up on YouTube. But when you install this browser extension you doesn't need a YouTube account, the settings is all saved on your computer or on your mobile device. You can install the extension on Chrome Web Store or other browser gallery.

Spread the word

There are many ways how you can help our cause by making Turn Off the Lights more popular:

Report bugs

If you notice that Turn Off the Lights isn't behaving the way you think it should — tell us. There are always situations we didn't test for that might produce incorrect results, we need your help to find those. Please include all the information we need to reproduce the bug: under which conditions does the bug occur, which browser did you use, what was the version of Turn Off the Lights? Also stay around for follow-up questions we might have and to confirm that the bug was really fixed.

Contribute code

You can find our source code on the github

Translate Turn Off the Lights

We’re constantly developing our app to make it better and more beautiful, we need you to help us update & translate Turn Off the Lights into your native language (Arabic, Chinese, Dutch, English, French, Portuguese, Spanish, German etc). Translate it now! Please use the following link and sign in. Each word you translate can be saved by clicking on "commit translation".


With more resources we can improve Turn Off the Lights faster. If you can make a donation go to the contributions page.

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Turn Off the Lights™
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