📳 Update Free Dark Browser for a Better and Remarkable dark web experience

Free Dark Browser iPhone iPad app

Experience the new free dark browser update, that improves the browsing as never seen before. You can convert the current new website such as Google News to a night theme. And even with some new user gesture to enable this feature. Also, it provides support for the iPhone X screen sizes.

The Turn Off the Lights for Mobile app, have many new and useful features available for you. Here a overview of what is new:

Double Tap menu in the Dark Browser

When you click double on the white lamp button in the upper toolbar. It will show you the popup window to control the night experience.

Vibrate on Force Touch in the Dark Browser

There is also an option for users that want to enable the Night Mode feature when you press long on the current web page. Then it will transit from the current day theme to your chosen preset night theme values. And if you want to go back to the default style, just Force Touch again on the current web page.

New Safari extensions

Besides the best standalone dark browser, you can improve the web experience also in your Safari mobile web browser (for iPhone and iPad). That with Safari extensions that is a powerful way to enhance and customize the browsing experience. You can enable the Night Mode and Turn Off the Lights Safari extension from the Share button, in the Safari app on your Apple device.

Safari dim mode extension

With a tap on the lamp button from the Share sheet, it dims the current web page. And if it found a video player, then it will push this video player on top of the dark layer.

Safari night mode extension

With a tap on the moon button from the Share sheet, you can convert the current web page in the Night Mode. And with a single tap again on the moon icon, you restore the web page stylesheet.

You can update now the Turn Off the Lights for Mobile app. It is available for iPhone and iPad users. And if you are a new user, you can download the free app from the Apple App Store.

🧩 Microsoft Edge extension to Chromium extension

Turn Off the Lights Microsoft Edge extension Jennifer Lopez YouTube video

There is a new web browser on the internet market. The Microsoft Edge web browser is moving from his EdgeHTML engine to the Chromium engine, that is the browser engine of the Google Chrome web browser. So the most popular Turn Off the Lights for Microsoft Edge will use now the Chrome extension version in that new web browser.

However, the current Microsoft Edge extension use already the same code as in the Google Chrome extension and with a bridge file to communicate to the Microsoft Edge web browser. But Microsoft has this to say to his Windows 10 internet users:

“Ultimately, we want to make the web experience better for many different audiences. People using Microsoft Edge (and potentially other browsers) will experience improved compatibility with all web sites, while getting the best-possible battery life and hardware integration on all kinds of Windows devices.”

Joe Belfiore – Corporate Vice President, Windows

You can try now the new Microsoft Edge web browser. Also, you can install now the latest Turn Off the Lights Chrome extension in the Microsoft Edge web browser. It is more powerful than ever before for your Chromium web browser.

Benefits of the Microsoft Edge Extension to the Chromium Extension platform

In addition, with one single and same code, you have always the latest extension version in your favorite web browser. That includes Google Chrome, Opera, Yandex, and the Microsoft Edge web browser.

  • Get fast the latest update and improvements
  • Better performance on your web browser
  • Enjoy all the nifty and latest night mode experience

Also, want to install the Turn Off the Lights Chrome Web Store extension on Microsoft Edge for Windows and macOS?

To install the extension

  1. Provide consent
    • Open Microsoft Edge.
    • Go to edge://extensions or click Setting and more (…) > Extensions.
    • Enable Allow extension from other Stores.
    • Accept the disclaimer.
  2. Install extension
    • Open the Chrome Web Store
    • Find and select the extension you want to install.
    • Click Add to Chrome.
    • Some extensions will let you know if they need certain permissions or data. To enable, click Add extension.

Above all, if you like our work, do not forget to rate the Turn Off the Lights Chrome extension to 5 stars. And make a small donation to support the development of our free and Open Source Browser extension.

🌚 Everything in Dark Mode

When you open a bright website in a dark room such as Google.com, you will see that it brighten up your entire room. And even when the screen is still not on the maximum brightest level. And you can only get this experience with a bright and white background. If you are using a dark website such as the YouTube Music, this doesn’t light up your room entirely. Above all, too much white light in our eyes is not healthy. And that must be changed.

When you visit today our official Turn Off the Lights website. You can get a Dark Mode style of our website. If you use the latest Safari Technology Preview web browser. And if your system appearance color is set to the dark mode option, then you will see that the Turn Off the Lights web page adapts to your system appearance color. The Light mode will be the white background for the web page. And the Dark mode will be a dark black background.

Dark Mode first Design

The internet went from the full desktop website to the mobile first design. This is better know as Responsive web design. That is the approach to render the well on a variety of devices and window or screen sizes. Today, there will be a new industry standard for web developers. And that is to provide two stylesheets for the web visitor. One the light mode and the other the dark mode. It is a comment sense that we take this step for our visitors. And it is what our users want when they install our free Turn Off the Lights Browser extension that is available on all the major web browsers (such as Google Chrome, Firefox, Opera, and Microsoft Edge).

All our User Interface elements support the dark mode. Therefore, you get a better User Experience that matched with your operating system appearance color. For example, when the Dark appearance is enabled. The navigation bar will be darker and that include also the hyperlinks. And with a slightly black background for the web page, with the text font color in white.