New Zoom on video player feature in the Turn Off the Lights Browser extension

Zoom on video player. That is the most highly requested feature you and other users want in the next Turn Off the Lights Browser extension version. As we said before, that Turn Off the Lights is the ultimate video tool, and that extends this promise.

You can find this new feature in the Turn Off the Lights Browser extension v3.4.3.0 and higher. Also, we have improved few other things such as the compatibility with YouTube new layout and the action command to automatically dims the web page.

zoom on video player YouTube

Zoom on video

How to zoom in a video player? To activate this feature enable the checkbox “Zoom on Video” feature in the Turn Off the Lights Options page > Advanced Options > Video Toolbar.

Then when you open a website with an HTML5 video player inside, move your mouse inside this video content. You see rights that it adds right a new panel. With one click you can zoom in, zoom out, rotate to left, rotate to right, move to the left, move to the right of the video content. And also on this panel there is a reset button to get everything back to the default scale and position.

While you are in the Video Zoom Edit mode, the video player controls are automatically hidden. However, we you can pause/play the video also in this zoom mode with this play/pause extra button. And when you are done, click on the green button to exit this zoom mode.

Automatically dims the web page

One of the first feature in this extension got also an update, now you can choose when to dims the page. This on the play, pause or stop button from that HTML5 video player.

Thank you all for your feedback and reviews. However, we still need your support. If you like this feature, please don’t forget to share this news with your friends. Rate this extension to 5 stars. And if you can make a donation we appreciate it very much.

Do more Beyond YouTube and take a screenshot from the video player

Turn Off the Lights is way more than a regular lamp button. It is the only browser extension that enables this innovation with all your video players on the web. From YouTube, Vimeo, Dailymotion, Twitch up to and including Youku one of the Chinese best video platform. With one browser extension you can connect to all of these websites. Since our previous version we received a lot of feedback from your users from the contact form, the review page and also from the press. And we are happy to announce that the new Turn Off the Lights version 3.4 embrace all the video platforms. This means that the great features such as Atmosphere Lighting works also outside the YouTube website.

Vivid Mode for all HTML5 video players

Now the beautiful vivid glow effect is also available outside the YouTube website. This means every website that support the HTML5 video player can get this amazing effect. So as you can see below in this image on the Dailymotion video website.

Screenshot Capture your favourite moment

In addition to previous feature improvement. Now in the Video Toolbar, you can see a new camera icon on the top right. If you click on this button it automatically snap that frame, and send the frame to the online screenshot editor.
Take a screenshot from the video player with the Turn Off the Lights Browser extension
On this online web page you see your original screenshot from the video player. And just below this screenshot you can tweak the colors, change the brightness, saturation, blur, grayscale etc. Then when you are ready you can choose to download the new image it directs on your computer. So you can for example use it on your YouTube video as a video thumbnail. Take a screenshot from the video player is available for on all HTML5 video players. screenshot capture filter turn off the lights browser extension

We hope you like the new features in the Turn Off the Lights Chrome extension v3.4 that is now available in the Chrome web store:

Don’t forget to rate this extension to 5 stars. And if you can donate us, we appreciate it immensely. You can ensure that we just get this started to make you a more comfortable and enjoyable web experience. The update will come later this month also available for Microsoft Edge, Opera and Firefox.

Get your screen dimmer for Windows 10 now in the Windows Store

How to get the best screen dimmer for Windows 10. Well the best screen dimmer concept is already available as a Browser extension. And on the Mac, with the launch of the ‘Turn Off the Lights for Desktop’ for Mac computers.
Today we have great news for Windows 10 users! It is now possible to automatically protect your eyes late at night with the ‘Turn Off the Lights for Desktop’ Windows 10 App. When you installed the new app on your computer, you will see that it adds a white lamp button left on your the clock. And just like in the browser extension, you can activate the black transparent layer with one single click or finger tap.

Screen dimmer for Windows 10

Screen dimmer for Windows 10 Desktop App

It’s the only and most advanced eye protection app in the Windows Store. That all with the white lamp button in your taskbar. You can download the screen dimmer for Windows 10 Desktop app now on the Windows Store. The minimum requirement to install this new Windows Store app is Windows 10 anniversary 1607.

Turn Off the Lights for Desktop Windows 10 Desktop App

What can I adapt in this app?

It’s more then just a regular white lamp button. Here a brief overview what you can adapt in the settings window:

  • Change the opacity value;
  • Show the solid color as background (or your own chosen yellow light filter);
  • Or choose your own Image background;
  • Or use a video background as dark layer when you click on the white lamp button;
  • Customize the keyboard shortcuts, for lights on/off and increase/decrease the opacity value;
  • Start automatically up the app when you startup your computer;
  • Option to shows a spotlight around your mouse cursor;
  • Option to show the fade effects when activate the dark layer;
  • Advanced Eye Protection schedule, this to schedule when you want the lights off at night example at 11pm on friday and in the weekend on 9pm;
  • Highlight the current opened program on top of the dark layer, such as the video player app.

The ‘Turn Off the Lights for Desktop’ Windows app is a free update for the existing users, and they will get a coupon in his email box to download this new version for his Windows 10 computer.