📝 What are your Top 3 Frustrations as a ‘Turn Off the Lights’ user?

The Turn Off the Lights browser extension is build to keep it simple for the users. It is designed and engineered that with a single click on the gray lamp button, it will dim the current web page. And when there is an HTML5 video player available on the current web page. It will bring this video player on top of this dark layer.
When you use a browser extension, it must be easy to use. And with no frustrations or struggle on how you can run that function. That is why we will continue to improve the browser extension experience. So you still have a seamless and powerful tool for on the web.

What are your frustrations when using it?

Do you experience a task that you find difficult with the use of the Turn Off the Lights browser extension? Such as enable a feature, change color, etc. Or did some blocks in the options page distract? We would love to hear your feedback on what you like to see next and what you hate or are frustrated with the browser extension. Let you voice hear, and we will continue to build and improve the Turn Off the Lights browser extension.

What are your frustrations with using the Turn Off the Lights browser extension?

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We take all feedback very seriously in the feedback survey and it is your feedback that helps to improve this high-quality and useful browser extension, that for you and everyone. So you get the best video and web experience in your web browser. And you get control of the media element on the web.

If you like our want and to keep the browser extension available, please do not forget to make a small contribution. Each contribution is much appreciated and will be used to improve the browser extension on all major platforms.

🚛 Smaller package and do more in the Android Dark Mobile web browser

New Android logo to show the update for the App Bundle

We released recently a new major update for Android, and you can do much more in a much smaller package. The size of the Android App Bundle is saved up to 58,4%. You can download the ‘Turn Off the Lights for Mobile’ app from the Google Play Store for just 22MB.

Android Dark Mobile web browser that have an app size saving of 58.4% in the Android App Bundle
Google Play Console for the ‘Turn Off the Lights for Mobile’ Android app

The “Turn Off the Lights for Mobile” is a free and high-quality Android Dark Mobile web browser. That has everything a regular web browser has but the user-interface in a dark theme. And with the option to convert each website in your personal Night Mode version of it. So you have a better web browsing experience for your eyes. Just like in the Turn Off the Lights browser extension.

What is new in the Android Dark Mobile web browser?

Background engine

The “Turn Off the Lights for Mobile” app is rewritten from Java to the Kotlin language. That makes this dark mobile web browser has a better performance than ever before. Thereby is everything web experience smoother and safer with the latest Chromium engine.

Front End interface

The user interface is the same as the previous version. A swipe to the right to brings your bookmarks, and a script from left is your open tabs page. And in the overview tab page, there is now an option to open back your default homepage.

So do wait any longer, you can download the update now from the Google Play Store. That for Android 23 and higher. Get it Now!

If you have feedback to improve this unique dark mobile web browsing experience. You can always contact us on the Turn Off the Lights Support page. Furthermore, if you like this amazing update do not forget to rate this app to 5 stars. To support our work, and let other users know about this stunning app.

🌎 World Environment Day 2020 – Protection of our Environment

Today it is Friday, 5 June 2020 World Environment Day. It is the United Nations day for encouraging worldwide awareness and action to protect our environment. Above all, it is celebrated in over 100 countries. Each year, WED has a new theme that major corporations, NGOs, communities, governments, and all celebrities worldwide adopt to advocate environmental causes.

World Environment Day 2020 Celebrating biodiversity

World Environment YouTube Video

Watch our best motivation video that is created for World Environment day 2020. It is about how to get a healthy web experience and reduce the issues with our biodiversity. The Turn Off the Lights Browser extension can help you. It can help you to get the focus on only the video player, reduce the bright light on your computer screen, and decrease the impact on the network servers. That can save the CO2 emissions of the internet servers. And reduce Greenhouse gas emissions. So you get a comfortable experience for your eyes and that on the web. And that as a completely free useful tool. There are no other browser extensions doing this, this is something only Turn Off the Lights can do for you.

YouTube Video about World Environment Day

#TOtLMotivation #WorldEnvironmentDay #ForNature

In conclusion, if you are still not yet a user, you can get the FREE browser extension today in your favorite web browser!

Furthermore, do not forget to share this motivation video with your family, friends, and your work colleague. That to celebrate World Environment Day. Share it Now!