WebVR virtual reality technology is the Next Chapter

The web virtual reality technology in Aurora Player

In our previous post we talked about the 5 Pieces of Innovative Technology for Your Computer. And the virtual reality technology is one of them. Today we present you our new experiment, Aurora Player for VR. It is the next generation video player for your virtual headset, that show you a reality glow effect around the video content. You can try this WebVR app for free in your modern web browser.

This app is built up with the WebVR API and with the same technology as in the most popular Turn Off the Lights Browser extension. You can play the demo video that is default loaded, but you can also choose your own video from your hard disk or phone memory SD card. Set VR headset on, and you ready to experience this virtual reality. In this next generation video player app you can play it on your Google Cardboard, Daydream, Samsung Gear VR, Oculus Rift, HTC Vive and Windows Mixed Reality headsets.


You can try yourself this free Aurora Player for VR on your modern web browser. This virtual reality technology is only supported on Google Chrome, Firefox, Opera and Microsoft Edge. And if you liked the new experience you as user can get it also on your personal computer. The app is available for Mac and Windows users.

Customizable Virtual Reality Technology

In this virtual world you can play your own favorite videos and movies. And you can also customize the background to your own style. Such as the color black, gray, white, purple, red, yellow, blue and green.

Change webvr background color in Aurora Player app

We hope you like this new WebVR project, and experience yourself a beautiful way to enjoy your own videos in the VR headset. And you can always feedback us on the official support page of Aurora Player.

New app for Google Assistant that answer all your questions

Turn Off the Lights Google Actions on Google Home
Telling is faster than writing. And we are happy to announce that you get fast support about all our Turn Off the Lights products, thanks to the Google Assistant (in Google Home, Phones and Allo). You can ask any questions you have about “Turn Off the Lights” software. And each time the personal assistant will become better and better when you use the app.

Google Assistant

This are the actions you can say:
“Talk to Turn Off the Lights Support to how enable the Night Mode feature?”
“I want to speak to Turn Off the Lights Support for seeing no lamp button”
“Talk to Turn Off the Lights Support about who is the founder”
“I want to speak to Turn Off the Lights Support for the video is also dimmed”
“Speak to Turn Off the Lights Support to where can I change the opacity?”

But you can also ask your Google Home device (or Google Assistant app) a question about who we are, when the first version went online, where you do live now, etc. And if want to send direct feedback to us, use this command:
Hey Google, talk to Turn Off the Lights Support to send feedback
Now you can say everything you want, and we will receive your message in a text. However, we cannot reply to your personal message. But if you want to get a reply from us, then you can provide us your email address in your audio message.
We take the privacy very seriously, and we do not collect any personal information unless you provide it to us (such as an email). This Google Assistant app does not need you to sign in in our website.

Give the ‘Turn Off the Lights Support’ a try today:

Google Assistant – Turn Off the Lights Support
Available on Google Home, Android 6.0+ phones and iOS 9.0+ phones

Turn Off the Lights + 1Password

These days, mobile (phone & tablet) internet users are growing faster then the desktop internet users. And as a mobile user you always want to get your personal information from wherever you are on the world. If you are in China, Canada, India or just in Belgium to do a walk at the Belgique coast. When you browse the web in our dark mobile web browser the chances is big that one of this information can be your password.

One of the best password manager tool for macOS and Windows is 1Password. This secures your login information and other passwords.
We are happy to announce that the 1Password extension is now available inside the Turn Off the Lights iPhone / iPad app. When you browse the web you can access your personal login information direct from our app.

1Password Extension

Turn Off the Lights with 1Password app


You can open the 1Password app directly from the Bookmarks side panel by swiping your finger from the right edge of your phone to left. Or by clicking on the three dots icon at the top right of your screen -> you see the setting menu show up and tap now on the menu item -> Bookmarks.

If the 1Password is not installed on your device, it shows you the default share action icon from iOS. Where you can also copy the text, add the page to your reading list or print the web page.

Turn Off the Lights dark mobile web browser supports the 1Password extension in the app version 1.2.7 and higher. You can download the update here or from the Apple App Store. It is currently only available for iPod touch, iPhone and iPad users.

We hope you like this free update. And you can always support our work by translating our Turn Off the Lights project or by making a small donation to keep this project alive.