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5 Pieces of Innovative Technology for Your Computer

Do you find it hard to sift through the newest tech releases just to find the best of the best? Frankly, we don’t blame you.

One estimate suggests that 2.5 quintillion bytes of data are produced in one day alone! With that much new data created every single day, finding the best tech can be a tricky endeavor. But we’re here to help!

Keep reading, as we’re breaking down the top 5 trends in innovative technology for your computer.

5 Pieces of Innovative Technology for Your Computer

  1. Binaural Podcasts

Okay, so binaural audio isn’t necessarily “new” per say, but it has seen a resurgence in the last few years. Podcasts are more prolific than ever thanks to properties like Lore and Serial.

And if you’re a headphones addict, you’ll want to be sure to grab your nicest headphones and stream a binaural podcast. Think of it as surround sound without the hassle. There’s no need for an expensive system — just use headphones!

Whether you’re looking to unwind a bit or want some chills, binaural podcasts will practically put you in your favorite stories.

  1. FRAPS

This one is for the gamers out there. FRAPS is a fantastic resource for measuring your PC’s efficiency and frame rate.

A high FPS is an absolute must for streamers, so make sure to give FRAPS a free download. The only downside is that it takes up a bit of space on your PC.

If you’re a video editor, FRAPS is a fantastic recording resource. It records HD videos in either DirectX or OpenGL tech.

  1. Voice Assistants

Whether you’ve got an Android or an iPhone, a Windows PC or a Mac, voice assistants are taking the market by storm. But these fun, robotic friends are no longer confined to your phone.

Voice assisted technology is now available on almost every computer on the market.  Apple owners can use Siri with the click of a button, while Windows users get the high-powered Cortana.

These voice assistants can do everything from schedule an event for you to do a quick Google search. It’s innovative technology at its most helpful!

  1. Virtual Reality (VR)

Perhaps the biggest tech trend of 2016 was the VR boom. The Facebook-backed Oculus Rift launched onto the market to middling success, while the HTC Vive found an audience immediately.

Then there were more price-friendly options like Sony’s PSVR and the Samsung Gear VR.

Now, a year later, the tech is already improving. Oculus released touch controllers to make gaming easier and more immersive. Conversely, HTC lowered its price, making it easier than ever to get into the world of VR.

If 2017 is any indication, VR isn’t going anywhere. In a few months, Microsoft is releasing their own headset, the Hololens. The Hololens is targeted at business owners, so expect to create spreadsheets in VR in no time.

  1. Screen Dimming

With all of this new technology, your electric bill may jump a bit. But you can make things easier for your self with the right screen dimming app.

Whether you’re looking to dim an entire screen or just want to make reading easier, it’s a smarter, easier way to browse the web.


It’s amazing to think about how far tech has come in the last few years alone. And the future seems like it’s going to be every bit as exciting!

Don’t forget to give Turn Off the Lights an install. Whether you’re looking for mobile or desktop dimming, we’ve got the free solution for you.

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Get your screen dimmer for Windows 10 now in the Windows Store

How to get the best screen dimmer for Windows 10? Well, the best screen dimmer concept is already available as a Browser extension. And on the Mac, with the launch of the ‘Turn Off the Lights for Desktop’ for Mac computers.
Today we have great news for Windows 10 users! It is now possible to automatically protect your eyes late at night with the ‘Turn Off the Lights for Desktop’ Windows 10 App. When you installed the new app on your computer, you will see that it adds a white lamp button left on your clock. And just like in the browser extension, you can activate the black transparent layer with one single click or finger tap.

Screen dimmer for Windows 10
Screen dimmer for Windows 10

Screen dimmer for Windows 10 Desktop App

It’s the only and most advanced eye protection app in the Windows Store. That is all with the white lamp button in your taskbar. You can download the screen dimmer for Windows 10 Desktop app now on the Windows Store. The minimum requirement to install this new Windows Store app is Windows 10 anniversary 1607.

Turn Off the Lights for Desktop Windows 10 Desktop App
Turn Off the Lights for Desktop Windows 10 Desktop App

What can I adapt to this app?

It is more than just a regular white lamp button. Here is a brief overview of what you can adapt in the settings window:

  • Change the opacity value;
  • Show the solid color as the background (or your own chosen yellow light filter);
  • Or choose your own Image background;
  • Or use a video background as a dark layer when you click on the white lamp button;
  • Customize the keyboard shortcuts, for lights on/off and increase/decrease the opacity value;
  • Start automatically up the app when you start up your computer;
  • Option to show a spotlight around your mouse cursor;
  • Option to show the fade effects when activating the dark layer;
  • Advanced Eye Protection schedule, this is to schedule when you want the lights off at night example at 11 pm on Friday and on the weekend at 9 pm;
  • Highlight the currently opened program on top of the dark layer, such as the video player app.

The ‘Turn Off the Lights for Desktop’ Windows app is a free update for existing users. Previous users will get a coupon in their email box to download this new version for their Windows 10 computers. That has this easy and useful experience to dim the screen on top of all your open window applications. And to customize the dark layer to your favorite dark tint with more or less transparency.

Get it from Microsoft Store

The coupon is expired after 1 year automatically to get the latest Screen dimmer for Windows 10 update from the Microsoft Windows Store. (promo action is ended) If you need any assistance or help on how to use or setup up this screen dimmer you can contact us at Turn Off the Lights Support.

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Stefan Van Damme

Touch Bar support for the Turn Off the Lights for Desktop Mac app

Turn Off the Lights for Desktop is one of the most customizable and advanced Mac app ever. That you can use to dims your whole screen. And today we are excited to update this experience even further. As a result, we added few easy control buttons in your Touch Bar (for Macbook Pro 13 inch and Macbook 15 inch late 2016 model), so you can easily dim your screen with one tap, change the opacity, and even change the color of this dark layer.

Touch Bar

You get the best experience on your fingertips, move the slider to left or right to get a comfortable feeling for your eyes. Furthermore, you can change the color of this dark layer live with a finger tap on your Touch Bar.
Touch bar Turn Off the Lights mac app

Notification Center Widget

You as a user can swipe with your two fingers and tap to change quickly the opacity value. This  Notification Center widget is movable in your sidebar. Move to the left, to decrease to opacity value of the dark layer and vice versa.

Notification Center Widget Turn Off the Lights for Desktop Mac app

Translation Update

We updated also support for the following language Catalan, Chinese (Simplified), Polish, Slovenian, Swedish and Romanian.

It is a free update, for all the Mac users who installed the Turn Off the Lights for Desktop Mac app. The Mac app is available for macOS Sierra. If you have any questions or need help, you can ask it on our support page.

About The Author

Stefan Van Damme