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New app for Google Assistant that answer all your questions

Turn Off the Lights Google Actions on Google Home

Telling is faster than writing. And we are happy to announce that you get fast support about all our Turn Off the Lights products, thanks to Google Assistant (in Google Home, Phones, and Allo). You can ask any questions you have about the “Turn Off the Lights” software. And each time the personal assistant will become better and better when you use the app.

Google Assistant

These are the actions you can say:
“Talk to Turn Off the Lights Support to how to enable the Night Mode feature?”
“I want to speak to Turn Off the Lights Support for seeing no lamp button”
“Talk to Turn Off the Lights Support about who is the founder”
“I want to speak to Turn Off the Lights Support for the video is also dimmed”
“Speak to Turn Off the Lights Support to where can I change the opacity?”

But you can also ask your Google Home device (or Google Assistant app) a question about who we are, when the first version went online, where you do live now, etc. And if want to send direct feedback to us, use this command:

Hey Google, talk to Turn Off the Lights Support to send feedback

Now you can say everything you want, and we will receive your message in a text. However, we cannot reply to your personal message. But if you want to get a reply from us, then you can provide us with your email address in your audio message.

We take privacy very seriously, and we do not collect any personal information unless you provide it to us (such as an email). This Google Assistant app does not need you to sign in on our website.

Give the ‘Turn Off the Lights Support’ a try today: (deprecated on 31 June 2023)
Available on Google Home, Android 6.0+ phones, and iOS 9.0+ phones

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