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🖤 Top Dark & Black Themes Now Open-Source [3 Best in 2022]

When you download and install the Google Chrome web browser for the first time. Out of the box, is the standard Chrome theme looks a bit flat. And maybe it is not your taste.

Besides developing the industry standard Turn Off the Lights browser extension. That to keep focus and well protected your eyes against the bright light. Turn Off the Lights team also design coherent themes that match well with the Turn Off the Lights browser extension style. That has the same goal to make the use of the web browser more comfortable for your eyes that day and night. Here is the full collection of the best dark & black themes. Whatever your taste, there is a perfect theme for you.

  1. Dark Theme for Google Chrome / Dark Theme for Firefox / Dark Theme for Microsoft Edge

The best dark mode web browser theme for your favorite web browser. That makes browsing the web more comfortable. Here the high-quality theme uses not the shining black as background and frame color. Because this reflects everything back to you.

Download now the Dark Theme from the Chrome Web Store

  1. Complete Black Theme for Google Chrome / Complete Black Theme for Firefox / Complete Black Theme for Microsoft Edge

This is a classic all black theme. That makes everything completely black. That is great to save energy on an OLED screen. So if you want to save energy and protect your eyes then this theme will fit your preferences.

Download now the Complete Back Theme from the Chrome Web Store

  1. Black and White Theme for Google Chrome / Black and White Theme for Firefox / Black and White Theme for Microsoft Edge

This theme is an abstract of two solid colors, black and white. Everything on the web browser user interface is in black. And the inactive tabs are with stronger white background color with the text in black. So you can read easily the title of these inactive tab pages.

Download now the Back and White Theme from the Chrome Web Store

Top Dark & Black Themes are now available at Github

Furthermore, all these Dark & Black Themes are free and Open-Source. And now you can see the code on the official Turn Off the Lights GitHub Repository “Browser Themes”. It includes the Dark & Black Themes for all web browsers such as Google Chrome, Firefox, and Microsoft Edge.

Top Dark & Black Themes available in the Open-Source Browser Themes Repository at Github

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