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Turn Off the Lights™
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Turn Off the Lights Trademark List

Generally, the trademarks of Turn Off the Lights or its subsidiaries (collectively, “Turn Off the Lights”) may not be used without Turn Off the Lights’s express written permission. However, limited fair use of Turn Off the Lights’s trademarks (not including logos) is acceptable provided that the marks are used for the purpose of identifying or describing Turn Off the Lights’s products and comply with the following trademark usage practice:

When using the word marks to talk about Turn Off the Lights’s products, include: (i) the appropriate marking symbol (e.g. ™ or ®), and (ii) the appropriate generic descriptor the first time it appears (e.g., service, website, blog).

The table below contains a list of word marks owned by Turn Off the Lights, as well as the appropriate marking symbols and generic descriptors. This may not be a complete list, and the absence of a product or service name from this list does not constitute a waiver of Turn Off the Lights's rights.

Turn Off the Lights ® Computer program
Turn Off the Lights for Desktop TM Computer program
Turn Off the Lights for Mobile TM Computer program
TOtL TM Computer program
The Most Amazing Extension TM Service
The Most Amazing App TM Service
Atmosphere Lighting TM Feature
Eye Protection TM Feature
Flash Detection TM Feature
Dynamic Background TM Feature
Night Mode TM Feature
Camera Motion TM Feature
Speech Recognition TM Feature
Audio Visualization TM Feature
Turn On the Lights TM Feature

Brand Identity Guideline Check the guideline about the use of the Turn Off the Lights Brand online (blog, news, social).

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