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Turn Off the Lights Style Guide

The Brand Guideline

Turn Off the Lights lamp Icon for YouTube
Turn Off the Lights™

Brand Identity



The Turn Off the Lights® is a unique online brand. That not only represent the highest quality, innovation, and excellence products. It's known simplicity tool for the user to dim the screen. Our mission— It is our job to assertively maintain mission-critical benefits as well as continue to completely embrace multimedia based materials. The critical to dims each web page or screen we can protect our eyes at night. In a way to keep the user focus on the HTML5 video player and hides the distraction around the animation the page such as the advertisement banner. While Turn Off the Lights is developed for simplicity and easy use for the users. Its have a range of advanced options inside to customize this to your personal feeling and comfort. This Guide is designed to give you clear instructions for the use of Turn Off the Lights trademark. Please review it carefully. This Trademark Style Guide is designed to help you to implement the correct way of using the Turn Off the Lights with a few do's and dont's example. Keep in mind the trademarks of Turn Off the Lights is a valuable business asset, and should be treated with care and respect. In order to preserve trademark rights, the trademark must be used consistent with these guidelines.

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