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Turn Off the Lights Style Guide

The Brand Guideline

Turn Off the Lights lamp Icon for YouTube
Turn Off the Lights™

Brand / Logo

Master Brand

Construction of the Lamp

This is the master logo of the Turn Off the Lights website. A flat design in with one single #666 gray color. The gray lamp button is build up in three parts, the foot is designed with four rectangle and on the top one circle. With rod being cut out of the circle element, where you get a transparant or white bar.
Turn Off the Lights 512x512px gray lamp button

Logo Variations for each software platform

Turn Off the Lights project can be split in three big projects. One is the browser extension, where the user can add the gray lamp button in his work bar or address bar. The second part is the mobile app, it's the darkest mobile web browser that load the website pretty fast in a dark User Interface. And the last one, is the desktop application to dims your whole computer screen.
Turn Off the Lights Browser extension lamp button
Turn Off the Lights Browser extension
Turn Off the Lights Mobile lamp button
Turn Off the Lights for Mobile
Turn Off the Lights for Desktop lamp button
Turn Off the Lights for Desktop

Do's and Dont's

When you use the Turn Off the Lights in a news article. Use the words in the correct uppercase sequence. The First, Second and Fourth are in uppercase. And the third word is a low-letter. Note: That the TM logo must be on top of the 'Turn Off the Lights', because it means it's a registrated trademark worldwide. You must use the TM logo in the first mention of this online software product.
Turn Off the Lights™
Don't do this! It is not allowed to change the uppercase sequence. The second 't' letter is always a low-letter. And the rest is uppercase.
Turn off The Lights
Turn off the Lights
Turn Off the Light
Turn off the light
Don't replace the word "Off" with "Out". This creates confusing of the registered trademark. Know as Trademark Infringement - The Likelihood of Confusion.
Turn Out the Lights
Turn On the Lights
Our trademarks include – among other names – Turn Off the Lights®, TOtL™ as well as the respective lamp logos. You cannot use any names or logos which look or sound similar to our trademarked names and/or logos to any new application products and group name. So you can't use the trademark for a new product such as an iPhone game or as a privacy app, that to connect with a person to person as a encrypted messenger. Any attempt to violate the use of our trademark, can expect a huge money penalty for the damages to our project. And in addition also to pay the trademark owner's attorney fees and costs of litigation in addition to other penalties.
The Privacy Messenger: Turn Off the Lights
Turn Off the Lights the iPhone game
Turn Out the Lights the game

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