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Turn Off the Lights Style Guide

The Brand Guideline

Turn Off the Lights lamp Icon for YouTube
Turn Off the Lights™


Turn Off the Lights stands together with the nature. Preserving the green environment for the children in the future. That's why you see nature photos in our Turn Off the Lights Browser extension and app screenshots.
To generate power we can use this day sunlight, wind, and forests. These resources are naturally renewable and capable of providing energy and materials for a long time. While if you use Turn Off the Lights browser extension, you save the nature. And reduce the amount of light and power to your personal laptop.
While forests give us so much to us. Let's not destroy our planet Earth. And save our green environment this by installing the free lamp button in your web browser. Watch here below few photos that will blow you away how beautiful our nature is.


Green Forest

Water is the driving force of all nature - Leonardo da Vinci

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