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turn off the lights Positive online review

There are many positive online reviews for Turn Off the Lights in the Chrome web store, Firefox add-on gallery, Microsoft Store, etc. Our users (such as you) love the simplicity of the gray lamp button and the many great options inside this browser extension. For some users, it really gives them a new way of watching online videos. Also, we read great feedback on the review page, so we make the feature even better.
While millions of users use this practical tool in their favorite web browser. But the important key is that it must do what it must do. And that we continue to improve your online web experience with the free browser extension.

Positive Online Review

This is one of the user reviews from the Chrome web store. He rated it 5 stars and said about the Turn Off the Lights Chrome extension, that it is the most ingenious idea for an extension. And there are many options inside, even the positive online review from the user thought it only adds a lamp button to dim the web page in his Chrome toolbar. But you can customize everything and also the action when you click on the lamp button. For example to activate the Night Mode or the Eye Protection layer.

You watch and read more user reviews on our YouTube Channel, and the browser extension store or gallery.

We read all the reviews that are visible in the store. And help you if you have a question. But, if you need any help, it is best to contact us by using our contact form on our support page. Or you can use the Google Assistant app (for iOS, Android, and Google Home devices). Ask for “Turn Off the Lights Support”, she can help you further.

We are proud of what we do. If you have the smallest bit of time over, rate & review now the Turn Off the Lights browser extension! Rate 5 stars on the Chrome web store
And it is to motivate us to continue to improve the web experience from a day-to-night experience.

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