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There are many positive online reviews for Turn Off the Lights in the Chrome web store, Firefox add-on gallery, Microsoft Store, etc. Our users (such as you) love the simplicity of the gray lamp button and the many great options inside this browser extension. For some users, it really gives them a new way of watching online videos. Also, we read great feedback on the review page, so we make the feature even better.
While millions of users use this practical tool in their favorite web browser. But the important key is that it must do what it must do. And that we continue to improve your online web experience with the free browser extension.

Positive Online Review

This is one of the user reviews from the Chrome web store. He rated it 5 stars and said about the Turn Off the Lights Chrome extension, that it is the most ingenious idea for an extension. And there are many options inside, even the positive online review from the user thought it only adds a lamp button to dim the web page in his Chrome toolbar. But you can customize everything and also the action when you click on the lamp button. For example to activate the Night Mode or the Eye Protection layer.

You watch and read more user reviews on our YouTube Channel, and the browser extension store or gallery.

We read all the reviews that are visible in the store. And help you if you have a question. But, if you need any help, it is best to contact us by using our contact form on our support page. Or you can use the Google Assistant app (for iOS, Android, and Google Home devices). Ask for “Turn Off the Lights Support”, she can help you further.

We are proud of what we do. If you have the smallest bit of time over, rate & review now the Turn Off the Lights browser extension! Rate 5 stars on the Chrome web store
And it is to motivate us to continue to improve the web experience from a day-to-night experience.

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Tired Eyes from Screen-Gazing? 5 Tips That Will Help

If you work in front of a computer all day, you know exactly what we’re talking about. Tired, strained eyes can absolutely ruin a viewing experience.

Have you been looking forward to a new show all day and now your eyes are too tired to get through it?

Relax. We’ve got 5 tips to help you deal with your tired eyes.

Tips for Tired Eyes

  1. The Classic Cold Water Splash

Splashing cold water on your face isn’t just invigorating. The cold water reduces blood flow to your eyes, hence reducing inflammation.

If you’re at home and relaxing, then splashing cold water on your tired eyes might not seem appealing. A cool, damp wash cloth or even a bag of frozen peas can still accomplish the same thing.

You’ll be back to your YouTube video in no time.

  1. The 20×3 Method

Every twenty minutes, look twenty feet away for twenty seconds. This is the 20-20-20 method of temporary eye-strain relief. If needed, set an alarm to remind yourself to do this until you can get into a habit.

Staring at a screen all day, you probably aren’t blinking as often as you should You focus for too long on one small screen that’s only 1-2 feet in front of you. It takes your eyes approximately 20 seconds to relax.

Doing this three times an hour throughout the day should be enough to keep your eyes moist and will also help strengthen them.

  1. Lighting

Lighting creates stimulation of our minds and bodies. That’s why it exists. You sleep at night and when the sun comes up, so do you.

This is why our office buildings and computer screens stay lit up during use. You walk by a store and if the lights are off, they’re closed. Right?

Lights. Awake/on/open/here. No lights. Sleep/off/closed/go away.

We’ve been programmed to think this way since birth. The difference is that we are staying awake longer, getting less sleep, and spending more time in front of LED screens.

To combat this, reduce lighting in rooms when you can. When it’s time to sleep make sure all of the LED lights in your room are off or covered. You can reduce the blue light levels on your computer screen and dim the lights as well.

  1. Breaks

We realize you don’t need any extra reasons to take a break. However, getting up a couple of times an hour to walk around will help with more than your eyes.

Boost your creativity and get a few minutes of exercise by breaking up your day. A break will also reduce stress and lower potential for a job-related accident.

  1. Workout

Ever heard of eye yoga? These exercises can help tired eyes by strengthening the muscles around your eyes.

Instructors claim that eye yoga has similar benefits as regular yoga, such as a calmer mind and improved concentration.

Wrapping it Up

At Turn Off the Lights, we know your eyes need a break.

That’s why we created a completely free product that dims the lighting of your phone, desktop, or browser to give your tired eyes the best possible YouTube experience.

If you haven’t tried our service, you’re truly missing out. While this product is free, we do accept donations to continue providing an awesome and free service to anyone who’s interested.

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Stefan Van Damme

Sneak Peek: Firefox Dark Theme enable in One Click

One of the most requested features is to have the option to dims also the web browser theme, which includes the web browser toolbars. But that option was not possible with the current published Chrome, Firefox, and Opera extension API. Now in Firefox version 55 (and higher) you got the option to dims also the browser theme. So you get the best experience to see conformable a YouTube video or read a newspaper in the dark theme. When you click again on the lamp button, it goes back to your default lighter theme.

Firefox Dark Theme

One-click on the gray lamp button and it will dim the web page but also the browser toolbar. However, this feature is default disabled on the Turn Off the Lights Options page. To enable this feature in your Firefox web browser, open the Turn Off the Lights Options page, and click on the “Advanced Options” tab. When that tab is open, scroll down until you see the topic “Bulb”. Here you see right of the 5 lamp icons an extra checkbox to activate the dark theme.

Firefox dark theme browser theme update option in the Turn Off the Lights Options page

The Firefox Dark Theme is an 80% opacity of the black color and that matches with the Turn Off the Lights dark layer when you click on the lamp button. Try it yourself today in the Firefox web browser version 55, and let us hear your feedback.

Turn Off the Lights Firefox extension v3.4.25.0 and higher:

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