🔔 The Biggest Update for the Ultimate Extension on the web

We are happy to announce that Turn Off the Lights Browser extension version 4 is now online! It is the biggest update ever for Turn Off the Lights. There are many improvements on the front, and also in the back end of this most popular browser extension. What makes this now the most Ultimate Extension for all websites.

The Ultimate Extension for the web


It all starts with the design and the interaction of a web page. For example, when you dims the web page. You find out that the page is not dark enough. With a double click on the gray lamp button in your toolbar. You see a new popup menu show up. Here you can increase and decrease the opacity of this dark layer and change the color.

However, in this popup menu there are four tabs inside. And that includes a color palette, Night Mode, Atmosphere Lighting, and the Turn Off the Lights Analytics tab.

Ultimate extension that show a popup menu
Double click on the gray lamp button – Popup Menu

Material Design

The options page design has also received a new revolutionary update, that is now more simple and clear for the user as you. For that we use the Material Design principle from Google. That extends the smooth experience on all kinds of devices you are using, from desktop to tablet and to your mobile phone.

Also, now is it possible to get a Dark user interface for the Turn Off the Lights Options. So that it is comfortable for the eyes. You can enable this Dark Mode from the three dot menu icon.

Options page from the Turn Off the Lights browser extension
Turn Off the Lights Options page – Light Mode
Dark Options page from the Turn Off the Lights browser extension
Turn Off the Lights Options page – Dark Mode


Want to know your favorite website, where you dims mostly the web page? With Turn Off the Lights Analytics you get an overview of all the websites and how long the dark layer stays active on that web page.

All the feedback we received is collected and added in this new browser extension version. Makes this the best ultimate extension for your favorite web browser. We hope you like this new version, and please don’t forget to support our work with a donation and share this news with your friends. That helps us to maintain and improve this free and open source browser extension.

🏆 Support Us Today for our Open Source project work

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Support us today for the open source work as the Turn Off the Lights browser extension (that is available for Google Chrome, Firefox, Opera, Safari and Microsoft Edge) that is designed for all kinds of activities on the internet. Such as to keep you focused on your favorite YouTube video on the web, convert all websites in a night mode, or to protect your eyes late at night.

Support Us Project

However, to keep this unique tool and project alive, we need to pay for servers, staff and rent. Due to the very small number of donations, the project may be closed. Please support further development with a donation. We appreciate any amount for the Turn Off the Lights Browser extension.
Since this month you can also donate to the new payment system from Alipay (that is mostly used in China). On the Turn Off the Lights donate page can pay with the following currency: USD, Euro, Pound, Russian Ruble and Chinese Yuan (Chinese: 元; pinyin: yuán). And also the cryptocurrency Bitcoin is available as a payment option. If you cannot make a donation of an amount, then you can support our work by rating the browser extension to 5 stars, and share it with your friends on your favorite social network. Support Us Now!

The Lovie Awards

Turn Off the Lights won recently also the Lovie Awards for the Best Internet Website Services & Applications. And the People’s Lovie Awards at the 7th Annual Lovie Awards that happens in London, UK.

This will motivate us to build great things for you as a user. And to continue listening to our users on your review and support page. We can say to you that more exciting news is coming very soon this year, that will blow you ways of the new (free) things you can do on the web. We can not wait to share this you. But until now you must wait a small bit.

🚀 The year 2017 at a glance

The Year 2017 Turn Off the Lights

The year 2017 was amazing and a busy year. It was like a rocket when the time goes that quickly. You saw a lot of exciting updates and new features. And we will not sit still for the year 2018. Here a short overview from Turn Off the Lights work in 2017.

Update and features in Year 2017


In January we updated the Turn Off the Lights for Desktop Mac app with for the support of the Touch Bar for the latest MacBook Pro hardware.
In February we launched the screen dimmer app for Windows 10. That is available in the Microsoft Store.


For the Google Chrome and Firefox web browser you have the option to install a Dark browser theme that is coherent with the dark layer.
Turn Off the Lights Browser extension have also some improvements, such as take a screenshot of your playing YouTube video. That capture the best moment you love in that YouTube video. And you can edit live the screenshot to your own personal style. There is an option to control the HTML5 video playback, this to speed up any video on the web.
In July we published our first Google Assistant app, that is always here if you have any questions about Turn Off the Lights Software. Or if you want to hear a tip of the day.
The Turn Off the Lights Firefox extension have also new and unique update that can really dark everything in your web browser, with one single click. That in your website content, tabs and menu bar. And in September is the Turn Off the Lights Safari extension available in the App Store.
And we launched our new WebVR virtual reality technology experiment. And at least our team is selected as one of the European technology leader and innovator of the web. The Turn Off the Lights Browser extension won the Bronze Award and also the People Award at the The Lovie Awards 2017, that happened in London!

We want to thank the Turn Off the Lights communities and translators for their work, and we look forward to what we will accomplish together in 2018!
And for all our users, we wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!