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What is new in Turn Off the Lights v3?

The v3 stand for more new innovation features inside the Turn Off the Lights project. That makes watching a video even more enjoyable than ever before. Turn Off the Lights is designed to be easy and intuitive. And all users can use this free browser extension, even a child and first-year student. If you love the first Turn Off the Lights, you'll love this next version too. Here below a brief over of the new features in this browser extension.

Linear Background

Display smooth transitions between two colors, example from black to gray.

Lineair Background

Atmosphere Lighting: Vivid Mode

Show a more beautiful and realistic atmosphere effect around the YouTube video player.

Vivid Atmosphere Lighting

Camera Motion

Wave your hand over the camera, and it dim automatically the web page.

Camera Motion

Speech Recognition

Say 'Turn Off the Lights' and it do the lights off. Say 'Play video' and it play automatically the HTM5 or the YouTube video.

Speech Recognition

Refinement Interface

The Turn Off the Lights options page have now a simple and clean design.

Turn Off the Lights options page

AutoPlay Delay

On the Turn Off the Lights options page you can set a delay for when the dark layer must be visible if the video is ended or paused.

Autoplay delay
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