Turn Off the Lights | Browser - Speech Recognition


It's passion if you can talk to your computer and the computer does the task. Than click self on the lamp button to dim the lights on a web page. Now you choose self how you want to turn the lights off. If you enable the Speech Recognition feature in the Turn Off the Lights option page you only need to say "Turn Off the Lights". And the browser extension understand the meaning of that command, and slide automatically the dark translucent layer to downwards.

What, where and how?

The only thing you need is a computer and a microphone, and the software in our browser extension do the rest. The following commands are supported:

If you said one of this commands, the engine in the browser convert this audio to an understandable transcript inside. And the extension collect this transcript in text, and start then the correct action.

Speech Recognition in the Turn Off the Lights extension
Picture 1: Speech Recognition in the browser


Make sure you are in a quiet place where the browser extension doesn't have any issues to detect and understand your commands. Example in a disco or a next to a building site is not a good place. If you are in a room or sitting in your backyard will be alright and good to understand you.

Turn Off the Lights browser extension for all browsers and with this great feature. It seems like a dream but it's real. Try now the Speech Recognition and enable the feature in the Turn Off the Lights options page.