Advanced Options for your web experience

The Advanced Options in Turn Off the Lights Browser extension helps you browse and experience the web with your fingertips. It helps you be more focused and efficient. You get more out of every discover of the web. This in addition to simple dims the web page when you click on the gray lamp button, Turn Off the Lights have more options to customize the web page, such as the "Dimness Level Bar", "Password Protection", "Easter Eggs", "Hide the Lamp icon", "API guide", "Video Filter Effects" etc. The Advanced Options can easily enabled with a single click on the checkbox or on the button.

Shortcut Keys

Control easy and fast, that can only be done with the customize shortcut for your browser. Here few handy shortcut keys you can use in this browser extension:

Reset Turn Off the Lights settings

Have you recently changed something in the Turn Off the Lights Browser extension, and you doesn't know what that was. You can easily reset the settings of this extension to get back the default black color and opacity value of the layer. One simple click on the reset button.

Photogallery with a glow

Also, you can show the ambient light effects on the internet images online, this by installing the Ambient Aurea browser extension. When the installation is finished, you can click on the 'mountain' icon in the work bar of your web browser, then this browser extension will search all images on that web page. And provide you this in a beautiful gallery with the ambient light effect around the image element.

Turn Off the Lights is more capabilities than you ever think before. It defines a new industrial standard in your browser. The extension is free, and can be download today on your favorite browser.