When you are on YouTube website (and not on an external YouTube video). And you click on the play button of this video player and active the turn off the lights extension to dims the website. The video starts playing, but about 5 seconds the audio doubled and you hearing the same audio track 2 times at once. One on time with the video content and the other one with a 5 second delay. Then it’s possible you have enabled the “blur” feature in the Turn Off the Lights options page. Follow the below steps to fix this issue:

  1. Open the extension page, example for:
    Google Chrome:   chrome://extensions/
    Opera:   opera://extensions/
    Firefox:  about:addons
    Safari: Go to the Safari -> Preference -> Extensions tab.
    Yandex.Browser:   yandex://extensions/
  2. Click on the “options” link, and it open a new page.
  3. And uncheck the “blur” feature
  4. Restart your browser

What is that “blur”?

The blur feature is one of the basic settings in the Turn Off the Lights extension to make the website a bit vague.

But why I am hearing double?

Turn Off the Lights dynamic recreate the code from the original website and blur this with the hardware filter. And YouTube plays always the video automatically when you open his video player.

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