Get YouTube in Dark Mode

There is two way to get YouTube Dark Mode enabled in your favorite web browser. The first is the official YouTube Dark Mode theme that provides no way to customize it to your personal style. And the other option is from the Turn Off the Lights browser extension using the Night Mode feature (that works on all websites). This Night Mode option provides you the ultimate and most advanced way to custom each element on the web page to your dark color style. So you have a comfortable watching experience (that day and night).

YouTube Dark Mode (less customizable option)

To get the official YouTube Dark Mode, follow the steps here below:

  1. Open the YouTube website
  2. Click on your avatar profile icon (on the top right of your screen)
  3. A new panel show up, and select the Dark Mode toggle to on

Now when you watch a YouTube video, you see it have the dark background and bright text color. And there is no way to customize it to your favorite dark color, and no way to make the background to 100% black.

YouTube Dark Mode (most customizable option)

YouTube Dark Mode enabled thanks to the toggle switch in the profile icon
YouTube Dark Mode toggled

To get a harmonious dark style on all websites and that on YouTube and many of your other favorite websites. You can use the free and Open-Source Turn Off Lights browser extension, and enable the Night Mode feature. With this powerful feature, it converts the website stylesheet from the default bright color to your chosen dark color theme.

YouTube Dark Mode that uses your personal Night Mode colors
Your personal Night Mode theme enabled
  1. Download the Turn Off the Lights browser extension
  2. Click right on the gray lamp button, and choose the menu item Options
  3. The Turn Off the Lights Options page shows up, and select now the tab Night Mode
  4. Enable the first checkbox to see the nigh switch on all website OR the option for the long press to activate/disable the Night Mode on the current web page

Furthermore, you can choose here your favorite dark color for your website background, text, and hyperlink. And it will math this style on all your favorite and most visited websites.

YouTube dim the lights (and not the HTML5 video player)

Dim the web page with Turn Off the Lights browser extension
Dim the web page with Turn Off the Lights browser extension

The last way is to dim the current web page and highlight only the playing HTML5 video. That will make you focus and concentrate your more and better on the video content. And not to thumbnails or the ads around this video player. That will create distracting from your playing HTML5 video. You can add dim the light with a translucent dark layer on top, but you can also decrease or increase the layer up to 100%. So it will be visible as a 100% solid black background and with the video on top of this dark layer.

In addition, there are many other great and useful options you can enable to get more out of the video website. Such as control the volume with the scroll of your mouse wheel or trackpad scroll, Glow effects around the playing video, Dynamic Background, Video filter to bring the video to black and white color, create a snapshot of the current frame in the video player and edit it live, Eye Protection feature, etc.


The Turn Off the Lights browser extension is available for all web browsers for free, and that includes Google Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Opera, Brave, Vivaldi, and Microsoft Edge. It is an Open-Source browser extension that helps you get the best video and web experience like never seen and done before. Get it Now!

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