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How do I watch YouTube videos in black and white (Easy in 5 steps)?

In the old days, we saw TV from a black and white screen (that as a gray color scale screen). Furthermore, if you want to experience this same authentic experience in your video player, you can use this optional video filter in the free and open-source Turn Off the Lights browser extension. And you can get your YouTube videos in black and white.

YouTube videos in black and white

Here the steps on how to enable this video filter feature in your favorite web browser:

  1. Download the Turn Off the Lights browser extension
  2. When the installation is completed, click right on the gray lamp button and select Options.
  3. From the Turn Off the Lights Options page, select now the tab Advanced Options. And scroll down until you see the topic Video Toolbar
  4. Enable this checkbox “Show the toolbar below your screen to customize the current video player”
  5. Open now any HTML5 video and then move your mouse inside the video content you will see the toolbar. And here you can enable the video filters
  6. Click on the test tube icon, to switch to the video filter

See the preview of the Taylor Swift – Love YouTube video clip:

YouTube videos in colors
Regular mode – filter disabled
YouTube videos in black and white filter
Gray Scale (black and white) – filter enabled

From the top toolbar you can do many other actions, see the following button actions that are available in the bar:

  • Displaying the audio-visualization for the current video player
  • Set the video player to the full window size
  • Add a filter in the current video player
  • Replay the current video player
  • Take a screenshot of the current video player

This feature is for all HTML5 videos, and also for the YouTube videos in black and white. In addition, you can improve also the video brightness, contrast, saturation, hue, sepia, invert, and more. That you get a more safe, healthy, and comfortable experience for your eyes. So where are you waiting for it? Try it now!

Tutorial video on how you can enable the YouTube Video Filters

If you find it useful to get your video in Black and White, then you can share the link on Facebook or share the link on Twitter. So your family, friends, or colleges can know about this handy free tool.

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