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📸 Rotate a video 90 degrees on YouTube online instantly

You know Turn Off the Lights browser extension to get a comfortable experience for your eyes. And to dim the content around the video player. However, the browser extension can do much more. You can rotate a video, and that on all video platforms such as YouTube, Vimeo, Dailymotion, etc.

1. Enable the Video Toolbar

First make sure you have the latest Turn Off the Lights browser extension installed in your favorite web browser (that is available for Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, Safari, Firefox, Opera). Open the Turn Off the Lights Options page, and select the tab “Advanced Options”. Scroll down until you see the topic “Video Toolbar”. Now enable the “Video Toolbar” and the “Zoom in or out on video content using the zoom button” checkboxes.

Turn Off the Lights Options page to enable the Video Toolbar option

2. Open any YouTube video

Now go to your favorite YouTube video you want to rotate it to 45 degrees (or your custom degree value).

Rotate a video with the rotate panel on the YouTube Friends video

3. Move your cursor inside the video player

When you move now your cursor in the content of the video player. You will see on the right side a new panel show up. Click on the ‘rotate left’ or ‘rotate right’ button to rotate the video player content live.
Furthermore, you can also zoom in or out and pan around this video content.

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