Watch today the video review from a YouTuber Lover

My Personal Turn Off the Lights Review as a YouTube Lover
My Personal Turn Off the Lights Review as a YouTube Lover

Turn Off the Lights is a tool for everyone, video lovers or not. It helps you as an internet user to keep your focus on the video player and make everything around the video transparent black on the website. And it’s also an eye saver for the night owls. Turn Off the Lights build up a comfortable video experience that you have never seen before and that in a free browser extension.

But what do our users think about us and the idea about the Turn Off the Lights extension? That shows a gray lamp button in his Omnibox or work bar. Today we are releasing a video series with few YouTubers that explain to you what they like in the Turn Off the Lights browser extension. You can also watch the video on our new website, where you can choose a YouTuber from the list.

YouTubers are talking

There are tons of features inside the Turn Off the Lights browser extension, but this is the features that our YouTuber is talking in his personal YouTube video review:

  • Night Mode: The feature that converts the website day to a night theme, with one click on the night switch. This works on YouTube and all the other websites;
  • YouTube AutoHD: This feature force YouTube to play automatically in high definition quality such as 4K, 1080p, and 720p with 60Hz frame speed;
  • Atmosphere Lighting: Vivid Mode. The feature that shows a realistic glow around the video player;
  • Video Detection: The most advanced video detection that detects the industrial web standard <video> element and the Adobe Flash player.
YouTube Video Review from xVintageDreamx

You can watch the full video series also on our YouTube channel. Where you can know more about him or her as a person and where you can visit his personal YouTube channel.

If you want to feature on our brand video website or have any questions or feedback for us. Don’t hesitate and contact us using this support form. We are happy to help you!

A new update that Android never has before

Today is a new update online with few improvements and bug fixes. To get this app go to the Turn Off the Lights Google Play store. If you already installed the app on your phone or tablet go and open the Google Play Store app. Touch the Google Play Store Menu Icon > My Apps. And tap on the “Update” label.

What’s new in Turn Off the Lights for Android v1.0.0.4:

Boom, and I’m on the other side of the layer
In the material design setting flyout of the Turn Off the Lights Android app, you can now enable the option to tap through the black layer. When the Turn Off the Lights layer is active on the web page, you can tap on each hyperlink below this dark layer. If you want to undim this page, you must tap just back on the white lamp button. This feature is known also as the code “superman” in the Turn Off the Lights browser extension.

Eye Protection
Whether you are on the New York Times or on the YouTube website. Now you have the option to dim everything automatically if you open a new tab in the app. This feature is default disable for new users, but can easily enable it in the setting page of the Turn Off the Lights android app.

Incognito mode
Also in the Turn Off the Lights app, you have the possibility to open the page in incognito mode. That is a mode where it doesn’t save your browser history and cookies. And it leaves no trace behind when you close the app.

Did you know this android app is a free app, to support our work, please share this news, and if you can make a donation of any amount we appreciate this very much. If you want to see more languages support or see the translation is not complete. You can update this on the Turn Off the Lights translation project page.

It’s finally here for your Android device

The mobile users is growing every day, this is what Google said on the Google I/O 2015. And in most countries, it’s even the number one group that’s connected on the internet.

But how many times do you read a news or blog post on your mobile device? And that at night. The change is big, they all have a white background. And there is no way you can darker this screen, even if you set your screen on the lower display level.

We happy to announce that Turn Off the Lights is available on the Google Play store.  It’s a dark mobile web browser, with the white lamp button right of the address bar. It has the same concept as on the desktop browser such as Google Chrome and Firefox. This to focus the HTML5 video player and to dark the rest on the web page.

Design and user-friendly

This app everything you need just like a regular browser: tabs, history to browser to a previous web page, bookmarks for your favorite links, Google search (or you can use Bing or Duck Duck), and an incognito mode to browser privately. Everything is designed to search and browse the web at night, with the use of the Google material principle.

Power and Speed

Internet is all about the speed, and the Turn Off the Lights app for your android device have the latest webkit rendering engine. That is the same as in the popular Google Chrome web browser.

If you want to give Turn Off the Lights a whirl, it’s available now as a free app. You need only an android device version 4.4 and up. It support the following android device: Samsung, Sony, HTC, Nokia, Karbonn, Micromax, MTS, Gionee.

Your satisfaction is our top priority

If you have a question or feedback for us, do not hesitate to contact us on the support page. We support all our users and we promise 100% satisfaction. This browser extension is all build-up by users like you.