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How to get a 1 good new monitor screen protector for eyes?

Are you searching for a good monitor screen protector for eyes? The ‘Turn Off the Lights for Desktop’ app is the best solution for your personal Windows 10 and MacOS 11 computer. With one single click on the white lamp button from the status bar, it dims your whole monitor screen. Therefore, that makes the screen less bright and less harmful to your eyes. This monitor screen protector for eyes is a practical tool and very easy to customize to your personal style and your best health choice.

Above all, from the preference window, you can adjust the brightness of the dark layer, change the color of the layer, an option to choose your selected applications on top of the dark layer, option to adjust my screen brightness automatically on your certain time with the automatic timer, etc.

How to get the Monitor Screen Protector for eyes app?

You can get the premium software app for your personal, work and school computer by going to the official Turn Off the Lights for Desktop website. And click on the big blue download button to get the software to your computer.

The application is available for Windows 10 and higher. And also for macOS Siera, High Siera, Mojave, Catalina, Big Sur, and higher.

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