The dynamic background is an animation effect layer in the Turn Off the Lights browser extension. It creates some movement on the static web page. For example, it can show you stars on the web page or even clouds. Default is this feature disable for the new users but you can easily enable this in the Turn Off the Lights options page. It works on all websites with YouTube included.

That Dynamic Background layer is a layer with much movement. And with under this animated layer, you will see the dark layer of the Turn Off the Lights extension (with the video player on top). You choose between a total of five effects inside. Here a brief overview of the elements:

  • Aquarium: It shows you a small bubble coming from down your screen to the top of your screen. And is widely spread over whole your screen.
  • Blocks: Pulse of a random block around your screen. Kindly like fish reaching the water surface but here it’s square block going up, and then disappear.
  • Raindrops: Rain that falls from top to down your screen.
  • Cloud: Random clouds showing up in all kinds of situations.
  • Space: Here it looks like you have over the wheel of on a space ship and drive yourself in space with all the stars around you.

How to enable this Dynamic Background?

Default is this feature disabled, but you can enable this in the Turn Off the Lights options page on the “Basics” tab. That’s just below the color and opacity chooser.

Video Tutorial

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