When you install for the first time a Chrome extension in your Google Chrome browser (that is coming from the Chrome web store), you will see this warning message with the install button:

“Your data on all websites” and “Your tabs and browsing activity”

But what is the meaning of this message and is this dangerous?

Quote from the lead developer Stefan

Privacy is very important for me and also for my users. And a Chrome extension must be simple and clean.

This explain more about these phrases.

  • “Your data on all websites”:
    This mean it inject a JavaScript to the current web page, know as “content.js”. The Turn Off the Lights browser extension use this feature, so it can detect the video player and track the play status for the “AutoPlay” feature.
  • “Your tabs and browsing activity”:
    This mean that the Chrome extension open a welcome page, when you install for the first time the Turn Off the Lights Chrome extension.

You can read more about this specific permission here on Google Developer Code’s docs.

Tip to choose and install a good extension.

It’s best to install Chrome extensions from the Chrome web store, and to read the review on that extension page.
If you need more helps contact the Google Chrome help forum and one of the Rising Star or a TC will help you further.

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