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Turn Off the Lights compare with Flux software the 1 important element you need to know!

Flux is a program that runs and changes the quality of your screen. While Turn Off the Lights is the most popular browser extension where the main purpose is to focus the video player on YouTube website and HTML5 video players on other websites.


That is a software that adds a yellow layer on top of everything. But this layer will remove the real contrast and vivid color of the video content. And is in user experience very bad to get a real sense of the content. Furthermore, is the software not available on the platform of your choice. And crash the application many times or create incompatibility with other most industry and professional applications. Such as in photography, video editing studio, and hardware lab.

With Turn Off the Lights browser extension, it dims everything around the video player, and it doesn’t change anything in the video content. So, you still can enjoy the high quality of the video online.

If you want to protect your eyes against this straight light, you can use the “Eye Protection” feature in the Turn Off the Lights Browser extension. Where you can enable it when it is night. For example, at 21:00h.

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