Default is the autoplay feature disabled when you install for the first time the Turn Off the Lights browser extension. This feature helps you to dim the web page with one single click on the play button of that YouTube or HTML5 video.

Autoplay on a website with a HTML5 video

If you open a website with a HTML5 video inside the page content, and click on the play button. The Turn Off the Lights extension will automatically detect the play status of this video. And will it obscure or illuminate the web page (this dependent on the video play status).

Autoplay on YouTube

If you the feature works well in a HTML5 video but doesn’t work on YouTube then there is possible a conflict with an installed extension in your web browser or setting. Follow the steps here below to found out what cause this issue.

  1. Try to press on your keyboard the follow keys:
    Windows user
    : shift + F5
    Mac user: shift + CMD + R
  2. This will do a hard refresh. And remove the cache version of that web page.

Extension conflict
Do you still have this issue? If yes then it is caused by other extensions that is installed on your computer. To fix this, open your browser and go to the extensions tab. And disable one by one the extension you are using (except Turn Off the Lights).

  1. Open this page:
    Google Chrome: chrome://extensions/
    Opera: opera://extensions/
    Firefox: addon:manager
    Safari: Go to Safari in your menu.

    • Click on “Preference”.
    • You see a new window show up, and go now to the “Extensions” tab.
  2. And disable each extension on that web page except the Turn Off the Lights browser extension.

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