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Turn Off the Lights™


Student Tool Number 1

IT in the Classroom

Today technology transforms the whole classroom thinking and working. And where is the place you learn the most on the internet, that's YouTube. But one of the problems is that content around the YouTube video disturb the user. Now with the "Turn Off the Lights" browser extension the student can solve this issue with a click on the lamp button in his favorite browser.

Keep you concentrate is one important thing in the education. But without you noticing, it's helps you to protect your eyes against that bright white light on many websites. Turn Off the Lights is the only and correct tool that is so simple, and great for students & teachers. It's tool that everyone love to use on his favorite browser.

What is so special about this?

Turn Off the Lights browser extension supercharge the life on YouTube. It create a YouTube center in your classroom. And this browser extension does what it must do, to dim the web page on YouTube and so the student can concentrate on the video content without seeing the suggestion or comments around it.

Top features that our students & teachers using in this Turn Off the Lights browser extension:

Do you want to try yourself the free education tool on your personal computer. And experience yourself the amazing features such as the Night Mode, Eye Protection, HTML5 Video Filters,... features. Install it now in your web browser, you will not regret it!

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