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YouTube Video Setting to Block 60fps + Night Mode Update

The YouTube video setting you will need to get not a hot laptop. Today there is a new version available for the Google Chrome users (and later this month for the other web browsers such as Firefox, Opera)! In the Turn Off the Lights Chrome extension v3.2.0.15 we added two new features inside that helps you get great performance on YouTube. And get a comfortable way discover the hyperlinks, if you have enabled the Night Mode feature.

YouTube Video Setting

Are the YouTube videos you are watching take up too much CPU, or is the YouTube videos stutter, or even worse, it eat your battery life very quickly, or you can fry an egg on your laptop. If you got an old computer, the YouTube performance is not very well on this kind of (old) hardware. Even today, more YouTubers have uploaded the 60fps videos to YouTube.

You as a user can fix this easily with one checkbox. So its use back the Standard Frame Rate of 30fps back on all your YouTube videos (and embedded YouTube players). Open the Turn Off the Lights options page -> Basics tab. Just right of the AutoHD feature, enable the option “Block 60fps”. And now it will play them back more smoothly.

YouTube video setting block 60 frame per second
The YouTube AutoHD (8K, 5K, 4K, 1080p, 720p) feature with the option to block 60fps

Change the hyperlink color in the Night Mode feature

When it’s night you can convert a website to a darker theme. That’s where the Night Mode feature is here.
Now in the Turn Off the Lights options page you can also change the color of all the hyperlinks in the Night Mode. So you can see the working hyperlinks on your favourite website. See example here below of the Google News website.

Night Mode disable with the regular website content and color
Night Mode disabled with the regular website style
Night Mode with custom color for the hyperlinks
Night Mode activated with the hyperlinks in orange

Download the update now in your Google Chrome web browser and try today this new YouTube video setting to block 60fps.

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