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📝 What are your Top 3 Frustrations as a ‘Turn Off the Lights’ user?

The Turn Off the Lights browser extension is build to keep it simple for the users. It is designed and engineered that with a single click on the gray lamp button, it will dim the current web page. And when there is an HTML5 video player available on the current web page. It will bring this video player on top of this dark layer.
When you use a browser extension, it must be easy to use. And with no frustrations or struggle on how you can run that function. That is why we will continue to improve the browser extension experience. So you still have a seamless and powerful tool for on the web.

What are your frustrations when using it?

Do you experience a task that you find difficult with the use of the Turn Off the Lights browser extension? Such as enable a feature, change color, etc. Or did some blocks in the options page distract? We would love to hear your feedback on what you like to see next and what you hate or are frustrated with the browser extension. Let you voice hear, and we will continue to build and improve the Turn Off the Lights browser extension.

What are your frustrations with using the Turn Off the Lights browser extension?

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We take all feedback very seriously in the feedback survey and it is your feedback that helps to improve this high-quality and useful browser extension, that for you and everyone. So you get the best video and web experience in your web browser. And you get control of the media element on the web.

If you like our want and to keep the browser extension available, please do not forget to make a small contribution. Each contribution is much appreciated and will be used to improve the browser extension on all major platforms.

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