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🕹 Hidden Easter egg game in Turn Off the Lights Browser extension

Did you found the hidden easter egg game? There is a secret Turn Off the Lights game hidden in the Options page.

On 15 December 2009, the first version of this extension was released for the Google Chrome web browser. And this year we celebrate the 10 years the Turn Off the Lights Browser extension. Therefore, there is a hidden easter egg game in the Turn Off the Lights v4.1 Browser extension and higher. Since the last major release, we added the search box. So you can easily find the setting you want to enable and that all to get you the best amazing web experience. But when you type the keyword “balloon” in the search box, you see that it load a mini-game on the Options page.

How do you play this easter game?

Turn Off the Lights Browser extension - Easter Egg Game
Turn Off the Lights Browser extension – Easter Egg Game

First, open the Turn Off the Lights Options page, and type in the search box the keyword “balloon”. You see it show and load the balloon mini-game. And with the arrow up key or mouse click on the canvas, you can move the balloon upwards, and when you do not press the arrow up key. The gravity brings the balloon slightly down.
The goal of this game is to move the party balloon between the two walls. And at each time you went through this wall, it will go faster and faster. Because for every 100 points you get a ping sound and that increases the speed of this track. Concentration is important as with one click too much, you can reach the wall or the ceiling. And then the game will stop and provide your current high score. Furthermore, you can share this score with your friends on your favorite social network.

Celebrate 10-year Turn Off the Lights birthday today with this game. And can you beat our high score game of 2714 points?

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