What are amazing WebExtensions from the Mozilla Firefox web browser version 49?


Welcome to the future of browser functionality! In this article, we’ll unravel the magic behind WebExtensions, the game-changer in the browsing universe. From customization to seamless integration, join us on a journey through the features that make WebExtensions the go-to solution for an enhanced online experience.

The WebExtensions technology uses the same extension API supported by Google Chrome, Opera, and Microsoft Edge web browsers. So the API is also fully compatible with multiprocess Firefox (called Electrolysis, sometimes abbreviated to e10s). The Electrolysis split Firefox into a UI process and a content process. The splitting UI from content means that when a web page is devouring your computer’s processor, your tabs buttons, and menus won’t lock up too.

WebExtensions in the Firefox add-ons gallery
Firefox new logo in the Firefox add-ons gallery

Firefox WebExtensions

If you want to install the Turn Off the Lights Firefox extension in your Firefox web browser. You see this error message “Not available for Firefox 48.0”. Then there are the important notes on what web browser you can use for this useful Turn Off the Lights Firefox extension version.

Version – that is the latest XUL version for Firefox version 48
Version – that use the WebExtensions version for Firefox version 49 and higher

You can download both Firefox extension versions on the Turn Off the Lights Firefox extension history page. And for the latest version go to the official Turn Off the Lights download page. So you can enjoy the latest and new innovative ways to get the best video and web experience. Such as the Night Mode feature.

WebExtensions in Action

Boosting Productivity with Extension Discover how browser extensions can supercharge your productivity. From task management to note-taking, explore extensions that transform your browser into a productivity hub. Experience the efficiency of a customized workspace tailored to your needs.

Entertainment Unleashed: Extension for Fun Turn your browser into an entertainment powerhouse! Explore extensions that bring fun and excitement to your online experience. Whether it’s games, music, or video streaming, browser extensions add a layer of enjoyment to your browsing routine.

Shopping Simplified: Extension for E-Commerce Love online shopping? Browser extensions revolutionize your e-commerce journey. Uncover extensions that enhance price comparison, provide exclusive deals, and streamline your overall shopping experience. Elevate your online shopping game with these must-have add-ons.


In conclusion, WebExtensions redefine the way we interact with browsers. Their customization, compatibility, and security features make them indispensable tools for a tailored online experience. Dive into the world of browser extensions and revolutionize the way you browse the internet.


How do I install WebExtensions?

It is a Firefox extension and is very easy to install. Simply visit the Firefox extension store, search for your desired add-on, and click “Add to Firefox” or equivalent for your browser. Enjoy the instant upgrade!

Can I use the same WebExtension on different browsers?

No. It is a Firefox extension and can be only installed on the Firefox web browser. When it Chromium extension, then you can install it on Chrome, Opera, or Edge seamlessly.

Are WebExtensions safe to use?

Yes, indeed. Browser extensions undergo rigorous security checks before being made available to users. Stick to reputable sources when downloading, and you’re good to go.

Do WebExtensions slow down my browser?

Not necessarily. Most Browser extensions are designed to be lightweight and resource-efficient, ensuring minimal impact on your browser’s performance.

Can I create my own WebExtension?

Certainly! Many resources and guides are available online to help you get started with creating your own WebExtension. Unleash your creativity and customize your browsing experience.

Are there WebExtensions for mobile browsers?

While the concept is evolving, currently, Browser extensions are primarily designed for desktop browsers. However, keep an eye on updates, as mobile compatibility may become more prevalent in the future.

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