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How to get Google Chrome Dark Mode FREE in 3 steps?

Are you an enormous fan of dark modes. There are many reasons to use this because they are easier on your eyes and you save some computer’s battery energy, while it makes the website more beautiful and pleasant at night. Therefore, the Night Mode feature is the solution to this problem for you.

The current state of Google Chrome dark mode


If you are using the macOS Mojave or higher, you can change the operating system’s appearance color.

  1. Open the System Preferences from the Apple dock menu
  2. Click on the icon “General
  3. At the top of this window, you see “Appearance” and choose between “Light“, “Dark“, or “Auto
  4. By choosing the “Dark” option, you get the dark user interface


If you want the simplest and easiest way to launch the Google Chrome browser in dark theme mode. You can do the following steps in Windows 7, Windows 8, and Windows 10.

1. Press WINDOWS Flag + R keys together to launch RUN dialog box. Now copy and paste the following string in the RUN dialog box:

chrome.exe –force-dark-mode –enable-features=WebUIDarkMode

2. Press Enter key and Google Chrome will launch in secret dark theme mode.


For the Chrome web browser in Linux operating system such as Ubuntu.

  1. Launch the browser using google-chrome-stable --enable-features=WebUIDarkMode --force-dark-mode
  2. And set the browser to use the Classic option rather than GTK+

note: This to feature is not well build for all websites. Because not all use the latest industry web standard. And you can not customize each dark color on the website. That is why there is a solution to full completely customize this dark website experience.

Update: January 2020, with Chrome version 79 and later now when you open your Windows 10 settings page, you can change the color of the user interface to a dark color theme. And that will change also the web browser user interface to a solid dark theme.

The Best dark mode Chrome extension to customize your Night experience

We have built Turn Off the Lights to reduce the eye strain caused mainly by the increasing screen time the society is experiencing and it is a useful tool that is healthy for your eyes.

The Night Mode is one of the Turn Off the Lights Browser extension features, that can converts the website from a light to a dark user interface. You will get a Google Chrome Dark mode that is more customized than the website’s own theme.

Chrome dark mode with the Night Mode feature enabled on Google News website
Chrome dark mode with the Night Mode feature enabled on Google News website

Solution on how to activate the Google Chrome Dark Mode User Interface

Do you want to see all your search results in the Google dark theme? Follow the steps here below to get the dark theme for your Google website and many other websites:

  1. Go to the Chrome web store website and install the most popular Turn Off the Lights Chrome extension
  2. Click right on the gray lamp button, and select Options in the right-click menu
  3. You see a new tab show up in your Chrome tab strip and select the tab Night Mode
  4. And enable the first checkbox to activate the Night Mode switch feature. That converts the website from his day to a night theme.

Now on every website, you see a small night switch. And with a single click, it converts the website in a dark interface. Want to return back to the regular website design? Click again on the switch, and you get back the normal design.

Most Customizable Night Options

Above all, in the Turn Off the Lights Options page, you can customize each color in the Night Theme, which includes the background, the text, and hyperlink. In addition, there is one single night profile for all websites. That makes the website authentic and coherent together as in the regular light white website stylesheet.

Also, you can customize the Night Mode from the new and useful double click menu. When you click double on the gray lamp button, you will get a popup window to customize the current dark layer. But when you tap on the 2nd icon (the Night Mode), you can control live his background, text, and hyperlink.

And at last, you as a user can enable the trackpad gesture. So with a long press, you can convert the current web page in Night Mode. And press again, to disable it.

The dark mode extension for Chrome that offers support

We take the feedback and suggestion of our users very seriously. So that all to get the best web experience. Other developers on the Chrome Web Store do not have this support for their users and do not have a free and useful tool for users that work on all websites. The other developer can ask you a lot of money or even a year’s subscription. At Turn Off the Lights is the browser extension 100% free for everyone. That includes Google Chrome web browser, and all other web browsers such as Safari, Opera, Firefox, Microsoft Edge, etc.

If you see a website that is not properly converted, because they use not the latest HTML5 web standard but an old technology. You can always contact us from the contact form on the left side. And we are here to analyze this problem. And provide a fix as soon as possible online.


Hope that answer one of your questions about the Chrome Dark Mode:

  • Activate dark mode for Chrome desktop
  • How do I make Chrome Dark?
  • Is there a dark mode for Chrome?
  • How to enable dark mode for Chrome?

If you find it useful to get your Dark experience and get your personal Night Mode, with the free and open-source Turn Off the Lights browser extension, then you can share the link on Facebook or share the link on Twitter. So your family, friends, or colleges can know about this handy free tool.

Google Chrome Dark Mode FAQ

🌌 Is there a Dark Mode for Google Chrome?

Yes, when you choose in your Windows 10 or macOS for the darker appearance. It will automatically convert the user interface of the Google Chrome web browser to darker skin.

πŸŒ— How can I convert all websites in a dark mode?

You can use the free and most popular Turn Off the Lights Chrome extension. Then in the Options page enable the Night Mode checkbox. That will let you convert the current web page to your own customizable dark theme.

πŸŽ› How do I turn Night Mode on for Chrome?

Install the free Turn Off the Lights Chrome extension, and in the Options page. Select the tab Night Mode. And here you can enable the Night Mode for all websites.

🎨 Can I change the Night Mode colors on Chrome?

Yes, you can customize the Night Mode in the Turn Off the Lights Options page. And in the Night Mode tab, you can change the color of the website background, text, and hyperlinks.

πŸ†“ Is it a free solution?

Yes, everything is free. And if you want to download the Turn Off the Lights Chrome extension, you can do it from the official Chrome web store.

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