Are you an enormous fan of dark modes. They are easier on your eyes and your computer’s battery, while it makes the website more beautiful and pleasant in the night. Night Mode is the solution to this problem. The Night Mode is one of the Turn Off the Lights Browser extension features, that can converts the website from a light to a dark user interface.

Solution activate the Chrome Dark Mode

  1. Go to this website and install the Turn Off the Lights Chrome extension:
  2. Click right on the gray lamp button, and select Options in the menu.
  3. You see a new tab show up in your Chrome tab strip and click on the tab Night Mode.
  4. And enable the first checkbox to activate the Night Mode feature.

Now on every website, you see a small night switch. And with a single click, it converts the website in a dark interface. Want to return back to the regular website design. Click again on the switch, and you get back the normal design.

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