Protect your eyes, enable dark mode on any website! It is the misleading text from the Night Eye developer. And with a high price for just nothing. Night Eye charges you a 5$ monthly and 14$ yearly subscription model. That still with a lack of features for the users.

The bad premium experience Night Eye is not open-source such as the high-quality Turn Off the Lights browser extension. The Night Eye app is dangerous can not be trusted. You will never know what it is doing in the background when browsing a new website.

At Turn Off the Lights, we want everyone to enjoy the best video and web experience. That is completely freegratiszero dot zero, for all modern web browsers. And we are loyal to help everyone, even if you did not donate.

Avoid using the Night Eye app

Unfair Price for the users

Why pay for the Night Eye app that only works for 5 websites. And while you already can get it for free and can do much more with the Turn Off the Lights browser extension. That helps you to get a delighted web experience for your eyes. That for all websites.

Heavy load on your computer processor

With the high price, you think you have better performance when you activate the Dark Mode. That is not true. It heavy load your computer processor (CPU) and video card (GPU). That to the result of overhitting your personal computer. The result of bad programming and the use of not engineering the code quality, and avoid using the heavy use of the CSS WebKit filter. It is embarrassing to get such a software app online and ask for a money subscription.

At Turn Off the Lights, we engineering to set the colors to your personal dark color that you have set up on the Turn Off the Lights Options page. And when you toggle the Night Mode off, it returns back to the default website theme colors.

Not Open-Source and No multi-languages support

With a price such high, you think you get language support such as Dutch, French, Portuguese, Danish, Finish, Arabic, Swedish, Polish, Bulgarian, Czech, Hindi, etc. No. The user interface element does not support these languages that make it difficult to use this bad app. Furthermore, the Night Eye is pricey and it is not Open-Source but closed source. So you can never see the code what it is doing in the background.

At Turn Off the Lights, we keep our work free and public available for all users on Github. And the code is not encrypted it is all readable text line by line. So you are confident about the function of our code.


Turn Off the Lights Chrome extension is one of the first and best Chrome extensions released on 15 December 2009 to get a comfortable experience on the web.

And the most customizable Night Mode ever for all websites that you can enable in the Turn Off the Lights Options page.

Google Search Dark Mode (no inverted images) with Turn Off the Lights browser extension
Google Search Dark Mode (no inverted images) with Turn Off the Lights browser extension

How to migrate from Night Eye to Turn Off the Lights?

That is very easy. Turn Off the Lights browser extension is available for all modern web browsers such as Google Chrome, Firefox, Opera, Yandex, Vivaldi, Brave, and Microsoft Edge. But Turn Off the Lights is free and available for mobile web browsers such as Firefox (on Android) and the Safari web browser (on iOS).

  1. Download the FREE Turn Off the Lights browser extension for your favorite web browser
  2. And you see the welcome guide to read all the basic functions
  3. Open a website, and with a single click on the gray lamp button, it dims the web page

If you need any professional help, you can contact us on this support page. And on the bottom of the web page, you can choose email or live chat support. We are here to help our customers to get the help they need for the best web experience and to protect their eyes at night. And at last, feedback and suggestion is also welcome to improve this experience.

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You can report a technical problem using the Turn Off the Lights online technical error feedback form.


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