Default is the Night Mode feature disabled in the Turn Off the Lights Options page. With this feature, you convert all websites in a dark theme (such as YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, etc) and customize the color to your own chosen dark color. So that without the use of the heavy CSS filter. Because that can slow down your web browser performance.

How to turn off night mode for browser extension

If the feature is enabled (from your Turn Off the Lights Browser extension), then you can follow these instruction steps to disable it back:

  1. The Turn Off the Lights browser extension is enabled in the extension settings page
  2. Click right on the gray lamp button, and select the menu item Options
  3. A new page shows up, and select the Night Mode tab
  4. And here you can uncheck the Night checkbox

Step for the mobile app

Furthermore, if you are using the “Turn Off the Lights for Mobile” app, the darkest mobile web browser for iOS and Android. Then you can follow these steps disable this feature:

  1. Open the Turn Off the Lights for Mobile app
  2. Tap on the 3 dots icon, and select “Turn Off the Lights Settings”
  3. Select the Night Mode tab
  4. And here you can toggle the Night switch off

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