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3 Reasons to Move from Dark Reader to Turn Off the Lights

It is time to move away from the Dark Reader browser extension. Most users are already doing this today. Because it is all out of innovation and out-pricing. You can get much more in place with other software that is really 100% free. And do not forget about the lack of Dark Reader support service to his users. Those users who really want beginner help on how to get this extension working.

At Turn Off the Lights, we want everyone to enjoy the best video and web experience. That is completely free, gratis, zero dot zero, for all modern web browsers. And we are loyal to help everyone, even if you did not donate.

Stop using, and Move away from Dark Reader Now

Unfair Price for the users

If the Dark Reader is for everyone, why is the Dark Reader Chrome extension is free to add? But it does not provide that to Safari users. Dark Reader asks for money for his Safari extension. And that even not at the lowest price amount such as 0.99$. But it asks his Safari users a high price of 4.99$ for a possible “Open-Source” software. In reality, the Dark Reader Safari extension is not Open-Source. That is a daring move. And that money goes all straight to the developer of that Safari extension and not to the Open Source foundation.

Furthermore, the Safari extension does not get regular updates even for more than years with no update. But still, it asks for huge money for Mac and the iOS platform.

Make web browser very Slow and Tracking

Dark Reader making web browser slow when the extension is active. It is known for its bad performance in Chrome and Firefox and many other web browsers. Furthermore, you are going to have nightmares when opening a web page with a lot of images and pictures. Because it inverted images on the web. That makes the web page looks awful to see. Furthermore, there is a lot of affiliate networks that are there to track you such as this Honey shopping page. That is linked to the Plugins that collect your data. This means selling your data is hardly necessary to stay afloat. That according to the Reddit post.
And Dark Reader annoying promote you to get the VPN from his VPN affiliate network by his tracking link.

Bad Support and struggle for help

Dark Reader

Dark Reader is lacking in helping its users in need. They just abandoned his users that ask for help as you can see on Twitter. With a high premium price, you expect customer support. But there is no care for you if you use the Dark Reader app, only the developer wants your money.

Turn Off the Lights

At Turn Off the Lights, we take care of our customers. We build the browser extension with simplicity in mind and a powerful tool on the web. This accessibility tool has set the first standard of the internet since 2009. And with the best help platform. When you install for the first time the browser extension you will get a helpful and complete welcome guide to learn the basic features. Such as how you can enable the Night Mode feature on all websites. And improve the experience on your selected websites.

And do not forget the tutorial YouTube videos to explain how you can enable and disable a certain useful feature. So you get the delighted web experience. All browser extensions are free and Open-Source, you can browse the code at Github.


Turn Off the Lights Chrome extension is one of the first and best Chrome extensions released on 15 December 2009 to get a comfortable experience on the web.

And the most customizable Night Mode ever for all websites that you can enable on the Turn Off the Lights Options page.

Google Search Dark Mode (no inverted images) with Turn Off the Lights browser extension
Google Search Dark Mode (no inverted images) with Turn Off the Lights browser extension

How to migrate from Dark Reader to Turn Off the Lights?

That is very easy. Turn Off the Lights browser extension is available for all modern web browsers such as Google Chrome, Firefox, Opera, Yandex, Vivaldi, Brave, and Microsoft Edge. But Turn Off the Lights is free and available for mobile web browsers such as Firefox (on Android) and the Safari web browser (on iOS).

  1. Download the FREE Turn Off the Lights browser extension for your favorite web browser
  2. And you see the welcome guide to read all the basic functions
  3. Open a website, and with a single click on the gray lamp button, it dims the web page

If you need any professional help, you can contact us on this support page. And on the bottom of the web page, you can choose email or live chat support. We are here to help our customers to get the help they need for the best web experience and to protect their eyes at night. And at last, feedback and suggestion is also welcome to improve this experience.

FAQ about Dark Reader

Is Dark Reader free?

No. The developer asks for his Safari extension a high premium amount and that with no customer support. However, you can get Dark Mode for all websites for free with the Turn Off the Lights Safari extension (and Open-Source).

How do I get rid of the dark chrome reader?

To remove this bad Dark Reader Chrome extension. Open your Google Chrome web browser, and navigate to this chrome://extensions page. Search for the official Dark Reader and click on the button “Remove” button.

Is there a dark mode for Safari on iPhone?

No. But you can use the free “Turn Off the Lights for Mobile” app. That is available for iPhone and iPad users. Here you have the option to use the 2 Safari extensions (for Apple Safari web browser) “Turn Off the Lights”, that to dim the web page. And “Night Mode”, that to convert the current website to a dark mode version of it.

How get free Dark Reader for Safari iOS 15?

You can get the Dark Mode for all websites for free on the Turn Off the Lights Safari extension in the Apple App Store. Since iOS 15 it supports the Safari Web Extensions technology. So you can install the Turn Off the Lights Safari extension on your iPhone and iPad with iOS 15.

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