Dark Mode will give you a comfortable, healthier and relaxing feeling for your eyes. Because bright light shining to your face can give users regular headaches and watery eyes due to the bright light.

Is it realy good for your eyes?

If you are photophobia users, then the Dark mode version can be really good for your eyes. Because the triggering of the bright light can cause migraines and a heavy headache.
For a better visual condition, the study said that the text in black on a white paper is more readable for your eyes. Then a black background with the text color in white. Because it does not reflect light in any part of the visible spectrum. And require the iris of your eyes to be more open to receiving this light. That according to the study of the Ph.D. student.

And when talking about the potentially damaging effects of white-background screens, then we are usually really talking about β€œblue light,” part of the light spectrum made of short, high-energy wavelengths. A 2018 study published in BMJ Open Ophthalmology notes that blue light could be a factor in eye tiredness, but cites dry eyes from not blinking for long periods as a more serious cause of eye strain, as well as too-small fonts, and conditions like uncorrected astigmatism.

Can it save battery?

And to have one good reason to use Dark Mode then it is this: Dark mode is good for battery life on the latest iPhones. According to iFixit, on OLED screens, which light pixels individually, meaning turned-off pixels do not use any power.

What is the Turn Off the Lights?

Turn Off the Lights if a free and useful browser extension to help you reduce the bright light that is shining on your web browser. With a single click on the gray lamp, it dims the web page. And when there is an HTML5 video player available on the web page, it pushes this video content on top of the dark layer.
Furthermore, you can convert the website CSS stylesheet to a dark theme. Then you must enable this useful Night Mode feature. That converts each website to your own chosen dark theme from the background, text, and hyperlink color.


You can download the free Turn Off the Lights Browser extension from the Turn Off the Lights homepage. And it is available for all major web browsers such as Google Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Opera, Yandex, Vivaldi, Brave, and Microsoft Edge.

πŸ‘“ Is the Dark mode better for your eyes

It is most comfortable and healthy for your eyes but that is not in all cases. According to the Ph.D. student, white paper with black text is better to read than a black paper with the text color in white.

πŸ”‹ Can it save battery?

Yes, when you have an OLED screen it will not shine the light to that light emitter. Do not use any power. And that reduces the energy use for your display screen.

πŸ’‘ What is the Turn Off the Lights?

Turn Off the Lights allow you dim to reduce the bright light on your computer and web browser. The Turn Off the Lights browser extension offers tons of customization such as Night Mode, Eye Protection, Screen Shader, etc. So you get the best web experience.

πŸ†“ Is the Turn Off the Lights browser extension free?

Yes, it is 100% free and open-source the Turn Off the Lights Browser extension. There is no trial or monthly payment. Because we believe the tool must be available for everyone. That from student to teacher, and people with visual condition issue.

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