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Security Check

This website will scan your web browser for anything that can damage your web browser.

This scan will takes only few seconds in your web browser.

OK - Modern Web browser
OK - Cookies
OK - Browser extensions
NOT OK - Found a vulnerable Chrome extension with ID:
Information: This is a known software for manipulating the Chrome web store review and rating system, block apps on your computer, spy you on YouTube and sell your personal information (such as browser history, cookies etc.) to a third-party advertising company.

"Click&Clean" and "Magic Actions for YouTube™" is a know malware app, see this malware report

Follow the steps here below to fix this issue on your computer.
1. Open this page in your Chrome web browser:
2. Enable the "developer mode"
3. Search for that ID number on that page
4. Found the ID? Click on the trash icon to remove this software from your computer