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Capture screenshot of the HTML5 video player

Turn Off the Lights is the ultimate tool for HTML5 videos on the internet. That is why with this tool you can frame grab from video easily in your favorite modern web browser. To get this screencap video to work, you need the latest Turn Off the Lights Browser extension. When the installation is complete, and enable the Video Toolbar. Then you can get an extra icon to capture the frame of that video content. When you find the best frame shot, one click on the camera button and the frame shot will be visible here below.

Screenshot capture frame of the current HTML5 video player


Gray Scale



Hue Rotate



Add YouTube logo in the bottom right Add play button on top

Choose your file type Download Image!
We you are done with some photoshop techniques on your own custom thumbnail for YouTube or other websites.You can customize it to your own personal touches with filters such as Blur, Brightness, Contrast, Hue Rotate, Saturate, Serpia etc. When you are done, you can click on the blue download button to download the image from direct on your computer. Where you can use it for your own uploaded YouTube video. You got the most advanced options to tweak your image. You can save the file in one of the five types of formats, you can choose for JPG, PNG, BMP, TIFF and WebP. The last one webp format is the most optimized image for type that use 26% less size for the same image quality as PNG. This tool works well for YouTube Creators and Beyond with your other favorite video platforms.
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