Turn Off the Lights | Browser - Magic actions around your Mouse

When you use for the first time the Turn Off the Lights browser extension you see the simplicity. But as user you can customize the effect around your mouse pointer. Below there are few options to navigate easily to a website without losing any comfort of reading or watching a video online. Those are so Magic actions that's just a simple coding work in CSS. The feature makes it helpful to show the mouse cursor or it can do also something powerful that only superman can do this.

Normal use

That is when you click on the lamp button, and it adds one black layer on top of the website page.

Mouse Actions feature - Normal Use
Picture 1: Normal Use


When you enable this option and the lights is off. It shows a spotlight around your mouse cursor, so you can click on the link of the current open page.

Mouse Actions feature - Spotlight cursor
Picture 2: Spotlight


This the codename I give for this option, with this option you can click through the dark element so that it can open that link, without the lights go back on.

Mouse Actions feature - Click through dark layer
Picture 3: Superman

Select Custom Area

Select self an area to focus an item, example a text part or image you want to see only. Just click and hold the left click, drag and release the click.

Mouse Actions feature - Select Custom Area
Picture 4: Select Custom Area

It's more than just a simple dark layer on top of the website, Turn Off the Lights think further and make a great improvement for the users online. Turn Off the Lights experience is something you always will to use. It makes everything so more pleasant. To get started download today the extension in your favorite browser.