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The Best Way to dim your computer screen for Mac and Windows

You just installed the Turn Off the Lights browser extension and when you click on the gray lamp, it didn’t dim your whole computer screen except the video player? That’s normal, because the browser extension works only inside the web content viewer. A browser extension can’t change the color in the title bar and work bar. There is no public Chrome extension API to customize this with JavaScript. Only the browser extension can implement a code in the current web page or open a popup window. We create in the extension a JavaScript that creates ‘div’ element, with black as background color and the default opacity value of 80%.

That’s why we develop a new application for Mac and Windows users! It’s called “Turn Off the Lights for Desktop“, this application dims your whole desktop screen by one single click on the lamp button.

Dim your Computer Screen

This app helps you to reduce eye strains and radiation by breaking the brightness limit of your screen settings. The simplicity in this app lets you dim the screen with one click on the lamp button. And two finger click, you get a quick settings menu to change the color and the opacity value of the dark layer.
Of course you can customize the dark layer in this app, so you can have a different color, a background image, a blur layer, or another opacity value. Or even to enable the option to highlight your applications on top of the dark layer.

Advanced Eye Protection Schedule

One of the unique feature is that you can schedule when you want the lights go automatically off. Example, you set dims the lights automatically go off in the week from Monday until Friday. And in the weekend you can leave the lights only off when it’s 11pm until 6am.

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