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Online Ads! How to Protect Your Web Browser

Everyone hates online ads. If you’re seeing extra ads on a website, your computer is probably infected with malware. Or one of your other browser extensions injects it on your web page.

Download only from trusted website

It’s best to download only software from websites that have a green https protocol. Such as the Chrome web store, Firefox add-ons, Opera add-ons and the Safari extension web page. Do never trust a site with only http. They don’t care about your privacy and security. The best solution is to remove those extensions because they can secretly send your personal information to an online advertising company.
Here at Turn Off the Lights, we care about your privacy and security. That’s why this website has a green security lock icon. And our browser extension doesn’t inject any ads in websites such as Apple, YouTube, Wikipedia etc.

Remove Online Ads Extension

Most ads is coming from another browser extension that is installed on your computer. To remove it (in the Google Chrome web browser):

  • Open the options menu via the “menu” icon on the top right, and choose Settings.
  • Open the Extensions panel and there is the list of extensions installed.
  • Remove an Extension by clicking the Remove button next to an item.

Chrome Cleanup Tool

Can’t know what Chrome extension creates this problem in your Google Chrome web browser. Use the Chrome Cleanup Tool from Google. This software removes the unexpected ads you can’t get rid of, or otherwise changing your browsing experience. This tool is only available for Windows users.

That’s all! Want a brief overview? Jayne will explain the solution again in this YouTube on how to fix this ads problem.

If you see other examples that you can document about online ads, please point them out in the comments section of this YouTube video.
And if you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us on our support page.

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