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Turn Off the Lights Feedback

Since the first version of our Turn Off the Lights Browser extension (released on 15 December 2009), we take all your feedback, security, and privacy concerns very seriously. For instance, if you do not like a feature we take immediate action to improve this bad experience. Because the goal of this browser extension is to keep it simple for our users with no annoying elements. That includes no unnecessary popup that warns you to update your web browser. The browser extension has one single purpose. So that you get the best internet experience and you can increase your education, productivity, or entertainment time. In conclusion, you have control over what this powerful browser extension should and not do. And you can manage the settings all yourself on the Turn Off the Lights Options page. Also, we believe that the Turn Off the Lights browser extension is the industry standard to get the best dark experience in your web browsers. And it is one of the reasons that this browser extension is featured by Google, YouTube, Mozilla, Microsoft Edge, Opera, and the Yandex web browser.

The Turn Off the Lights Browser extension is an Open Source project and you are free to read our code on the Github website. Above all, it is very easy to read, line by line and it is not encrypted with random variable names. From the beginning, we build our browser extension by user feedback, such as from you. And if you find a problem, a bug, or you need any help, we are here to help you on the official Turn Off the Lights support page.

We need your Feedback

Sometimes we can do it better. And we would love to hear your feedback, your concern and what you like and do not like in this free and open source browser extension. Please help and fill in this feedback survey. It only takes about 3 a 4 minutes of your time. The feedback survey is anonymous and confidential.

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(You may share this blog post with your friends, colleagues, and family members. How much feedback we receive about this browser extension. That the better we hear your biggest concern and make this next browser extension version more amazing than ever before.)

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