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πŸŽ“ 3 Essential Chrome Extensions for Students and Teachers

The summer is going to end and the back-to-school promotions are already available for students and teachers. That with some awesome and new speedy laptops. And the tablet is an especially popular device for students. Such as the Microsoft Surface Pro. And device like that can help his study and homework. Take a good coffee or tea, as here we help you to get the most out of the speedy and lightweight web browser with Chrome Extensions for Students.

Chrome Extensions for Students

Turn Off the Lights Chrome extension – Concentration tool

One of the best browser extension for students, teachers, and educators is Turn Off the Lights. Students can use Chrome extensions to eliminate pesky YouTube ads that distract you when watching an education video. However, did you know that besides video focus, it also can convert each website in an own Night theme?

And in the free time after school, students need some relaxation. And can enjoy the many other greats options inside Turn Off the Lights such as the YouTube AutoHD to 4K, Mouse Volume scroll, etc.

Zoom Chrome extension – Set a custom zoom level

This is another accessibility tool, here you can zoom in and out the current web page. That thanks to the slider in the popup window. Furthermore, in the Zoom options page, there is an optional feature to get a magnifying glass on the current web page. So only the view in the circle glass will be increased and the rest on the web page stay on the same zoom level.

Zoom Chrome extension in the Chrome Extensions for Students post
Zoom Chrome extension with the Magnifying Glass option

Print Chrome extension – Print your school courses and documents

When a new course is available on your digital platform, you can be an environment person and read the document on your personal laptop or tablet device. However, some students like to have a hard copy on his desk. And with this useful print button in the web browser your toolbar, you can print these documents. That in color, and black and white or grayscale.