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Turn Off the Lights | Windows Store App


Turn Off the Lights加入了很棒的新功能,例如气氛照明,Youtube自动高清、重放、自动宽屏和标签栏。这也使得你每一天做事情更快、更简单也更令人愉快。并且通过点一下“灯”按钮,它可以很容易地调暗网页背景。

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Turn Off the Lights Windows Store App on a Surface tablet
这是一个为您的Windows 8电脑及Surface平板电脑准备的多合一的电影院应用!Turn Off the Lights将彻底改善您的YouTube视频观看以及互联网浏览体验。数百万人每天在线上搜索新信息、看视频和电影,用户们希望播放视频更加便捷,同时能够毫无阻碍地导航至新页面,同时这一过程必须更加友好和强大。这就是为什么我们对于Windows上的全新Turn Off the Lights如此亦可赛艇的原因。这是一个完全不同的应用,是Windows8.1上极致的电影院应用!最棒的是,它是免费的!


我们吸取了Turn Off the Lights浏览器组件中的功能并同时在移动端实现了。通过Windows商店的Turn Off the Lights应用你可以在情境照明效果中观看视频,也可以点击台灯按钮调暗网页。


Turn Off the Lights Windows Store App - Start Explorer
Turn Off the Lights Windows Store App - YouTube Options

The all-in-one app for customize the YouTube website. This app makes the experience on YouTube even better. Everything is available with one click or tap, you can enable the Auto HD feature that brings automatically your video in a high definition format, Auto Wide open the video in the largest player size, Auto Repeat to repeat the YouTube video endlessly. And there is an option to stop playing automatic the video when you open a YouTube page.

Night Mode

就像在Turn Off the Lights浏览器组件那样,你可以让YouTube更暗。当你激活夜间模式时,它可以自动将YouTube背景变换为黑色主题。所有东西,包括标题、导航栏、超链接以及Google+评论系统都会转换成黑色。想要变回正常的页面?您再次点击夜间模式开关来回到默认主题。

Turn Off the Lights Windows Store App - Night Mode
Turn Off the Lights Windows Store App - Colors Pink

根据您的想法来自定义应用。你可以在十三个大气的颜色之间选择。包括白色、 蓝色、 粉色、 绿色、 石灰绿色、 红色、 深红色、 黄色、 橙色、 金色、 深蓝色,灰色和黑色。应用将根据页面自适应颜色,一个充满活力的活泼的界面能够使观看视频或者阅读报纸更加令人愉悦。


The app works great together with another application, you can choose and snap app left or right on your screen. And with the dynamic bubble theme it makes the app so beautiful and fun to use.

Navigate have been never so easy, it includes all the basic of browsing the web. A reload button, a previous and next button, homepage button, an URL and search box and the lamp button. And not to forget, in the settings flyout you can enabled the Tab and Bookmarks bar.

Turn Off the Lights Windows Store App - Experience
Turn Off the Lights Windows Store App - Camera Motion
Camera Motion

Will not be great to dim the lights on the web page with the movement of your hand? And yes that is possible in this app. When you activate the Camera Motion feature in the setting flyout, the green camera lamp will be enabled. And then you can move your hand over the green lamp from the top to the bottom of your tablet. It's the only app that does this and that's why Turn Off the Lights is in the top and is the most enjoyable app ever.

Speech Recognition

你可以说 "Turn Off the Lights" 或 "Play Video" ,应用程序将会理解指令并予以执行


Turn Off the Lights Windows Store App - Cortana
Turn Off the Lights Windows Store App - Freeze
Freeze (Easter egg)

All apps on the internet have a fun bonus inside, and also Turn Off the Lights have a pretty feature in this Windows Store app. With one tap or click on the button you can freeze your web page and draw something on the frozen screen.

Tech Specs


  • Automatic repeat the YouTube video with one click
  • Automatic bring the YouTube video in the large mode with one click
  • Stop automatic playing of the YouTube video
  • Play automatic all YouTube videos in HD
  • Show the stars background
  • Share buttons
  • Pin the website to your start page
  • 冰霜(彩蛋)

Basic Settings

  • Automatically dim the background when you click the play button and versus
  • Customizable background color
  • Customizable background opacity
  • Custom homepage URL

Visual Effects

  • 淡入效果
  • 淡出效果
  • Show you the atmosphere lighting effect of the current playing video, fixed and real color
  • Freeze this screen
  • Disable the navigation bar animation

Advanced Options

  • Show the tabs bar
  • Show the bookmarks bar
  • Change the color of the navigation bar
  • Rotate the YouTube video player for 90 degrees
  • Disable the navigation bar animation

Night Mode

  • 夜间模式开关
  • 夜间模式的网站
  • 在打开网页时自动进入夜间模式

Speech Recognition

  • 说出:“关灯”、“开灯”、“播放视频”、“暂停视频”

Camera Motion

  • 摄像头:手掌在摄像头前挥动

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