Because x86 and x64 can use the “Turn Off the Lights” plug-in in his Internet Explorer browser that’s available on the desktop computer or laptop. But Windows RT can not use this plug-in, Microsoft doesn’t allow extern developer create an ARM program. So for this we create this Windows Store app with the most popular features inside. Such as Atmosphere lighting, Background color, Fade in/out effects from Turn Off the Lights extension in the Windows Store app. With the basic tool to navigate the web such as a Next & Previous button, URL + Searchbar, Bookmarks and tabs.

Windows Store

Turn Off the Lights Windows Store app is the only app that change the way of browsing and watching videos in a cinema on your Surface device. It highlight the video player and dark the rest of your web page.

Inside the Turn Off the Lights app there is an option to shows a beautiful glow effect around the video player. That math with the content inside the video player. We it give you an immersive and actual viewing experience that has never before been done in an app.

If you like this in your YouTube videos and want to have this also in your own personal video or movies. You can use the Aurora Player app that’s also available in the Windows Store.

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