How to solve install Adobe Flash message in 1 easy way?


Do you see a blue warning message that you can not play the Adobe Flash video in the Windows Store app? The Turn Off the Lights Windows Store app is designed to play only HTML5 videos and no Flash players. This is because the Microsoft platform limits that forbid the use of Flash, and Shockwave objects in the Windows Store!

Adobe Flash End of Life in December 2020
Adobe Flash End of Life in December 2020

Adobe Flash error message

If you open a web page with an Adobe video player inside. You will possibly see a blue message box that said to install the Flash player for this web browser, but that is impossible to install this file on your computer or phone. Because Microsoft blocks access to install plug-ins in all Windows Store Apps. You can only install a plug-in on the regular Internet Explorer browser. And in Microsoft Edge is the plugins already built-in.

Important note:

Adobe Flash announced that they will support the Flash on December 2020. That includes all the major web browsers such as Google Chrome, Firefox, Opera, Safari, Brave, Vivaldi, Yandex, and Microsoft Edge. For security and performance reasons, Adobe recommends developers use HTML5 technology to bring their 3D, video, and content to life.

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