Transparency is default set to the value of 80% with a black as the background color of this layer. But you as a user, you can change this in the Turn Off the Lights for Desktop (for Windows) app. Furthermore, you can increase and decrease the transparency value in two ways:

  1. The first way is to do the lights off on your personal computer desktop screen. By clicking on the white lamp icon. Then you must click right on the white lamp icon. You will see a context menu show up, and here you see a slider bar where you can increase or decrease the opacity value. And it changes it live the dark layer opacity on your screen.
  2. Right click on the white lamp icon left of the Windows clock, and click on the menu item “Preference…”. The acryl settings window will show up. And in the Basics tab, you can change also the opacity of the dark layer.

Transparency of the dark layer

The transparency of the Turn Off the Lights for Desktop app is default set to 80% value of the black color. The layer is a bit transparent so you can watch what is under the layer.

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