How to get your Firefox Dark theme enabled in 3 easy steps?


Firefox Dark Theme are you looking today? So, you want to change the look of your Mozilla’s web browser, which is a more beautiful dark theme? You can use our official, simple, and pretty Dark theme.

It is a dark theme that will make you love more the web. And makes it very comfortable for your eyes. Because this theme is specially designed in the color that matters to get a great web experience. The background is not 100% black as a color. But it is an 80% black color that hides the user interface from the content you are reading or watching.

If you move your mouse pointer on top of a tab, you see the semi-transparent adapt the color, and highlight it more.

While a dark theme makes your web experience better, and it saves a tiny bit of power if you have an OLED display. It works very well together with most visited websites such as YouTube, Vimeo, Dailymotion, New York Times, abc7news, etc.

The Best Firefox Dark Theme

You get the best protection for your eyes and night time you get with Turn Off the Lights. If you expand this dark experience on the web content. You can use and install the Turn Off the Lights Firefox extension, with a single click on the gray lamp button it dims the web page and highlight automatically the video player. But also protect your eyes against that bright light on news sites.

Firefox dark theme can be download from the Firefox add-on gallery
Firefox dark theme can be downloaded from the Firefox add-on gallery

You can get your free Dark Theme for Firefox on this Firefox add-ons gallery page. It is available for all Firefox web browsers on Windows, macOS, and Linux computers. And if you only want to dim the web page you can use the Turn Off the Lights Firefox extension.

If you need any help or have an issue with Turn Off the Lights software? Do not hesitate to contact us on this support page. We are happy to assist you, so you get the best dark web experience.

YouTube video

How to pin the Turn Off the Lights gray lamp button in Firefox web browser

How to pin the gray lamp button Firefox extension


Now you know on how to get the Firefox dark theme and get the best web experience on your computer.


Is Firefox Dark Theme Suitable for All Websites?

A Firefox Dark Theme will not change the website content style itself, it only changes the color of the Firefox user interface. That includes the tab, toolbar, address bar, and the right-click menu.

Can I Customize Firefox Dark Theme Further?

You can only install the Dark Theme with those colors, you can not customize it later. Then you should search and find another Firefox theme that matches your color style.

Does Firefox Dark Theme Conserve Battery?

When using a Dark Theme, it can conserve battery. Because the black pixel on an OLED screen will not enable. So it will preserve battery life on your laptop or tablet device.

Is Dark Mode Better for the Eyes?

In the era of screen-dominated lifestyles, concerns about eye health have become more prominent than ever. The question on many minds is whether dark mode, particularly exemplified by features like Firefox Dark Theme, is truly better for the eyes.

Any Performance Impact with Firefox Dark Theme?

A Dark Theme will not decrease the loading of a web page. The Dark Theme only changes the color of your Firefox web browser user interface.

Can I Switch Between Light and Dark Mode Easily?

If you use the default Firefox theme, it can go from Light to Dark Mode depending on your Operating System appearance value that is set.

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